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I thought that this would be good for someone who ever felt this way.
For some reason, day or night, I'm embattled by controversy. Most everywhere I go, I hear people around me yelling at one another. I seem to be at the right place at the wrong time. I don't much like it, but that's what happens. This kind of thing makes me nervous. Not knowing what they're going to do, my body begins to quiver inside.

I don't care to hear obscene language coming out of people's mouths. I hear it so much that I'm guilty of doing that myself. When I catch myself doing that, I get mad at myself, and it doesn't make me feel proud to have to do that.

It seems to me that more youth have obscurantism. Obscurantism is a new word that I happened to come across; it means opposition to knowledge and enlightenment. To some extent, I feel that grown-ups also go through this. To most people, spelling a word correctly doesn't seem to matter much, but it matters to me. When words are spelled correctly, it makes for better reading. Even though I get frustrated at times, I tend not to criticize misspelled words that much. Getting the feel of what the author is trying to convey or express, I focus on getting to the content of the story.

If conversations weren't so controversial, it would be really nice. What would it take for people to get on the right path to less arguing? Rather than wanting to be right all the time, it would be good to listen to other's points of view. If we could humble our pride a little bit, it would be a far more interesting world, if we could take the time to listen.

Don't be in such a fright;
Take the time to be at ease.
You can give it a try if you might;
To feel a gentle breeze would be a wonderful sight.
To make our future somewhat brighter,
Our spirits will be feeling lighter.

For every dolphin in the sea,
I say your singing is meant to be.
I love how you jump in the air;
There's no way to even compare,
All I know is that I care.

Embattled by controversy is not a good thing. In the first place, not knowing why they should do this kind of stuff makes me shutter. Is this because they make it a point to be heard? Is it because they think they're right, and everybody else is wrong? Why must they be so loud, loud enough to draw attention to themselves, no matter how foolish they may look?

They who think only of themselves,
Has a reputation to behold.
Times have gone by, and times will begin;
This is the time for reviving,
And focus on our striving.

Let's cling to the truths that we once knew;
This will keep us from feeling blue.
Hold on to what we've known;
This will show us how much we've grown.

Let's teach the world to be free,
By getting down on our knees.
Pray for those who do us harm,
And keep us safe by keeping us warm.

Silence the words that tear us apart,
And build us up, rather than bring us down.
Let us all please reach around,
And keep everybody safe and sound.

Embattled by controversy? Don't let it keep you rattled. Just be yourself, and don't get paddled. Boost yourself up and face the music; use your voice and your acoustics.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Monday, March 2, 2020
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