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As a key figure in eco-friendly vehicle production has unveiled the latest innovation with the self nagging hybrid.

A car that no longer requires the burning energy of a spouse to accompany your journey.

Whether driving alone or along with the family, ANNA (an artificial intelligence), will promptly begin working on your psyche as soon as the ignition is turned.

ANNA can not only provide guidance to destinations but also judges how you drive, listing ways how to improve and quickly changes its mind to find other routes mid-journey.

"Turn left, no left, wait take a right it will be quicker, no, no, no, Mark what are you doing? I said right, Mark, take the next right!" - ANNA instructed a demonstrator during a test run at an event in Tokyo Japan.

Your social media accounts will also be integrated into this system, ANNA is able to both comprehend all social relationships and provide itself ammunition against the user when resistance to its commands gets too heated.

"Don't speak to me like that Mark, no wonder you've only got fifty friends when's the last time you poked somebody? Three years ago ha-ha-ha." - Another dialogue example of ANNA's impressive communicative interaction.

A spokesman from the manufacturer has stated that this is only the beginning, a way forward to reduce stress levels for the passenger, safely knowing something else is overseeing the driver at every trip.

"We want drivers gnawing at the steering wheel, before screaming at ANNA to freaking shut up for just a second, and get sucked into a no-win battle while their spouse watches on in a relaxed and content manner".

The spokesman also confirmed a male named equivalent of this system called BRIAN, that emits a nauseating personality who always believes he's right and attempts to sweet-talk himself back into the driver's good books when proven wrong.

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