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From the prompt: obsession.
He wasn't going to let this chance bypass him. He'd waited for years to get back at Toby Walker and there he was having a beer on the far side of the bar.

Kevin had envisaged so many ways of exacting his revenge on Toby. He'd thought of that wink at the school disco on so many occasions, it sometimes made him begin to sweat in rage. It haunted him at job interviews, parties and worst of all, when he was sitting alone at home.

He'd never seen Evie again after that night. Toby managed to ruin that too. Kevin thought of her all the time. He remembered how cute she looked as she danced with her friends, how the red flowery pattern on her dress swayed as she moved.

How she smiled at him.

How she kissed Toby.

Then Toby turned and winked at him and they laughed.

Kevin never knew why they laughed. Thinking of that made him break sweat, just as much as the thought of the wink.

If it wasn't for Toby, Kevin had always believed, he wouldn't be sitting alone at home almost every night. He'd be with Evie. They'd be happy.

He sipped his beer while he sat in the corner of the pub. It was busy. It was Saturday. He always went out on Saturdays and always went home alone. That wink. It stopped him approaching people, especially women. They might just laugh at him if he tried to chat them up, or worse, find him creepy.

He'd thought of following some of them. Stay far enough away so they wouldn't notice him and if something happened on their way, he could help. He could be their hero. He never did though, not after following Evie that night.

He watched Toby chatting with his friends. Loud and boisterous, Kevin could hear him over the music and chatter in the bar. Not clearly enough to understand the words he was saying, but he didn't have to. He knew Toby would be talking about him. Even after all these years without seeing Kevin, he would still talk about him.

He watched across the bar. Anger building with every laugh Toby let out. He could feel sweat run down his back. That wink. He dared him to do it again, across the bar. Just look at him with a grin on his face and wink.

The group including Toby began to head to the exit. Toby stopped and headed over to a group of women near to where they had been standing. He stooped down to talk to one of them. He kissed her cheek.

Then he turned around and looked in Kevin's direction.

Kevin stared straight at him and took another sip of his pint. I dare you, he thought.

"Hurry up, Phil." One of the group shouted from the exit.

Toby rushed across the pub to join them, turning to wave at the women just as he passed Kevin.

It wasn't Toby Walker. He was wrong again. Just like every Saturday.

Kevin thought about following, just incase he was wrong and it was Toby. He decided against it and decided against following the woman he had spoken too. Too risky. They were with too many people.

Kevin sipped his pint, getting angrier as he thought about that wink. Getting angrier at the fake Toby for reminding him of it and of how he and Evie had laughed. Of how she danced in that flowery red dress.

Kevin finished his drink and left the pub. He flagged down a taxi and went back to his room in a once bustling hotel that had been converted to single rooms.

He went into his room, it was dark. The lightbulb had blown sometime. He never got around to changing it.
He sat on the couch and turned on the TV.

He rummaged around on the floor near his feet, he panicked for a moment, he couldn't find what he wanted in the dim light of the TV. Then relief as he found it.

Before Toby's face inevitably appeared on the TV, he had his comfort blanket. He held it every night. The red flowery material of the dress always calmed him when he was feeling this way. It had done ever since he'd followed Evie that night.

He never seen Evie again after the night of the wink.

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