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Finding the true self.

         I run my fingers across the stones at the bottom of the stream. Nothing. I sigh and slump back on the riverbank. The rocks laugh at me. I lean back on my elbows. Then lie down and stare at the sky. The clouds are still green. Translucent. Beyond them, you can see the reflection of the river and myself. The few gems in the river in the sky await me eagerly. I scrunch my face in frustration. How am I supposed to find anything on the ground if so much is already in the sky?
         My frustration suddenly boils over into anger as I pick up a random pebble from the river and throw it upwards. It passes through a cloud and returns to me. Quartz. Useless. I toss it aside and I walk into the stream. I sit down in it like a dumbass and start digging through the stones. Each one I toss aside laughs at me. The river bubbles and the rocks laugh. I grow more aggravated as I dig deeper and reach sand. Well fuck.
         I look up at the hole I'd dug and a blob of glittery mud falls on my face. Fuck this. As I get up, I hear a chuckle amongst the laughter. A sinister, feminine chuckle that doesn't seem to be making fun of me. It simply sounds amused. My eyes widen and I frantically search for the source. I find it. I look up and see the little girl chuckling under the waves. I reach down and pick her up. I look at my hand. She's a smooth black stone, an irregular tear-like shape. The girl squeals in delight in the sky. I smile and look at her. She smiles back. I throw the stone towards her and she catches it. It glows in the dim sunset. A clear polished ruby.
         The ruby settles neatly into the sky's river. The clouds turn red. The sun sets. I get out of the river and walk back home. I lie down in the ring and glow with my newfound polish. The tradeswoman nods at me, satisfied, as she puts the ring on display at her counter. I've finally joined my family.


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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2214836