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Who is watching the west coast?
The worst thing about illegal immigration that no one will talk about is there is no screening for communicable diseases. The World Health Organization recently released a list of countries with the most out of control diseases. And, almost all Central American countries are on that list for TB, Hepatitis B, measles, Leprosy, and HIV. These days, 50% of our illegal visitors invade us from Central America. 30% of those bypass our health screening facilities and blend into our society. Some carry communicable diseases that effect us all.

But, no one seems to address the west coast. Boats from China have been dropping off undocumented people for the past 100 years. China contributes approximately 3% of those bypassing our immigration system each year. Our Coast Guard is the only wall we have, but it is next to impossible to stop all boats before they land on our shores. Before the Trump administration, even if a boat was apprehended, the passengers would be released into the population without health screening.

China is presently experiencing a Corona Virus pandemic throughout its population. People are dying by the hundreds every day. Our government has stopped all flights from China to help prevent the spread of the disease in America. But, no one is addressing the 3% entering our country through the west coast beaches. We are just now hearing of California residents contracting the virus who have not been to China. Experts claim to be scratching their heads in confusion as to how these people are being exposed.

Wake up America and start getting serious about stopping illegal immigration. Immigration laws were set up for more than just making sure the right kind of people become citizens. Health screening is a major reason for our laws.
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