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Synopsis for the 48-Hour Challenge Media Prompt - Burn by Ellie Goulding
Craig's voice scratched through the recorder, "... and everything will burn! All of it! Every major human city around the world will be destroyed and the human race will have to start over. Maybe this time they will get it right. Maybe. But we have to try. It cannot continue like it is, with the crime, the omnipotent governments, the fanatics, the child abuse, and the list goes on and on..."

The FBI agents listened in intense silence, hoping for a clue, any clue, to help find the incendiary devices the deranged man says he has planted all over the world.

Craig Batterman, a genius, a lunatic with only one thought on his mind - to restart humanity. Take society down to the basic level and start over with the hope that humanity will be more humane, not only to each other but to the other living creatures on this planet as well.

Unfortunately for him his heart failed before he could see his plan to fruition.

Unfortunately for all of mankind he has already put everything into play.

A tape recording was the only thing he left behind that could possibly contain a clue as to where his devices had been placed, what they looked like, and how to disarm them. So Agent Liam Donaldson and his team of five sat and listened to the recording, followed every clue, and just plain guessed in hopes of finding and disarming the incendiary devices before they went off.

According to the tape they have just fourteen days to stop the devastation. Fourteen days before fire destroyed human progress all over the world.
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