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Rated: E · Fiction · Drama · #2214994
Lupita is on her way to new challenges and she must over come them.
Seeing my Papi from here with tears in my eyes until I can't see him anymore. Seeing him go as I stay all alone without anyone by my side. Soon standing at the front of my college thinking about my Mami, it has been a while since my Mami's death. Even though it still hurts me knowing she's not here with me to see me off on my first day at college. Knowing that someday I will be able to see her and hug her. I just want to tell her how much I need her, how much I miss her.
As I make my way into college, holding my mami´s suitcase. I saw something however, I didn't put much warning into it. I decided to make my way to my dorm. As I make my way to my dorm, I see there are many tables out with information of different clubs to join. There was sports,art,dance,workout,reading,bird watching, and much more, but I didn't like any of them.
Standing in front of my dorm, wondering who will be my roomies. As I open the door to see two beautiful girls but one of them looks a little like Mami, when she was younger with her beautiful smile. The same way I remember her smile that summer night when me and Mami were making dinner. Attempting to keep back the tears. I didn't want to cry in front of my roomies. Soon after a girl with reddish hair approached me.
¨Hi, I´m Crystal, and she is Alyssa¨ pointing to the girl with purplish hair as she speaks it with an excited mood, ¨And you must be Lupita?¨ Crystal wonders as she looks at me with a curious look like if I am going to eat her.
¨Hi, nice to meet you,¨ shattering the silence between us ¨but how did you know I'm Lupita?̈ ̈ questioning if they knew I was coming or did they simply guess.
̈Oh, we saw your name on the board, we wanted to know who our roommate was.'' said Alyssa as she was unpacking her suitcase.
It was 1:50 when my roommates and I were done unpacking our stuff. We are determined to go out and explore the places around our college. None of us live here to really know what is around this place.We explore lots of places. We went to the park, and then to the mall. We each got back including 2 bags full of make-up, clothes, and with a new bag. This day is something I wouldn't want to forget.
̈ ̈That was truly so much fun, we should clearly do it again some other day,'' said Alyssa with a tired voice.
̈Of course we are evenly!¨ said Crystal while taking off her shoes and her makeup.
Ever since we first met, Alyssa, Crystal and I became best friends. We went to many places. It was fun and all. Every moment I spent with them was a moment to never forget. All those times I was sad was because of Mami and those moments spent with the girls is every moment to make up for those sad days. One day, while we were preparing our bed, almost ready to dream when we heard a loud boom occurring outside of our dorm room.
¨ What was that?¨ said Crystal as she got quickly up from her bed, looking terrified as she wandered around the place.
¨I don´t know, ¨ I answer trying to keep them calm, ``but we should check it out.¨ I expect them to answer but they only look at one another. ¨Fine, I´ll go,¨ I answer while making my way to the door, I turn my back to only find out to see that they were on their phones. I opened the door to only see that it was a cute boy who had freckles with dark black hair. He was moving something heavy, so I decided to make my way to him to help him.
¨Hey, do you need some help?¨ I asked him, as he was still trying to move it .
¨Yes please,¨ he answers. We carry the heavy box to a few dorms away from mine.
¨Thank you so much for helping me, who do I owe a favor to?¨ he said while opening the door.
¨It was nothing, I am Lupita and you are?¨ I asking him with shy tone
¨I am Juan, nice to meet you Lupita.¨ he said as he held his hand out.
A few minutes had passed without saying anything to one another. I decided to break the silence between us ¨Well, I should go, it's getting late bye.¨
¨Oh, okay bye it was nice to meet you¨ he said with a sad tone.
My heart wanted to stay and talk to him forever. I wanted to be with him. I felt something, like my heart is telling me that he is my one and only. I didn't want to go back but I had to or else the girls would ask questions about where I went and what I was doing. Why did I take too long and what happened outside?
I went back to the dorm to only find Crystal and Alyssa sleeping. I made my way to my bed and then I knew I had fallen asleep. I woke up feeling like it had been years since I had fallen asleep. It was Saturday and I went out to find a job to help my papi with the bills. I went online to find jobs near my college. I found one at PizzaHut, it was just around the corner.
Everyday was the same old story. Monday through Friday, I would go to school and then if I had time i would go out with my friends. Saturday I would work making pizzas or I would take orders. One Saturday some came in. To my surprise, it was Juan. My heart drops right out like a bird at its fastest speed.
¨Hi how may I help you today?¨ I asked Juan in an excited mood.
¨Can I have a large cheese pizza¨asked Juan
¨Okay it will be ready in 3mintues and that will be $4 and 25cents.¨ as he gave me the money I felt like I was getting red as a strawberry. His hand touched mine. I didn't want this moment to end.
¨Hey, if you're free tomorrow maybe we can go see a movie together?¨ said Juan while scratching the back of his head.
I couldn´t beveile it did he just ask me out on a date. Right now I had no words to describe how I was feeling. I felt something rise up on me. I felt my head getting warm. My heartbeat was getting faster and faster.
¨Of course Juan, I would love to go see a movie with you!¨ I confessed to Juan with an excited tone. I went back into the kitchen to make his pizza. It has already been 3 minutes. I went back and gave him his pizza.
¨Here you go, thank you and come back another day¨ I said.
¨Thank you see you tomorrow Lupita at 3:00 where we first met.¨ said Juan as he turned around to the door.
It was the next day and I woke up around 9am, I had asked my girlfriends to help me get ready. All my clothes were so last year. So, they took me to the mall to find a cute dress. Next we went to the make-up store and also went to the shoe store to find a cute pair of high heels. By the time we came back it was 2:00pm, so that means that I had one hour to get ready. As time passed, Alyssa and Crystal helped me get ready and by then I was ready. I came out to where we first met. He was already there.
¨Sorry to keep you waiting,¨ I told Juan as he kissed my hand like a prince. I felt like this was a dream where I went to a grand ball and found my prince charming.
¨No worries,I just got here ready to go?¨he said while he held my hand.
¨Yes!¨ I answer. Juan and I went to the movies,we saw Beauty and the beast, next he took me to eat at a fancy restaurant ,then we went for a walk at the park and last he took me back to my dorm. As I made my way to the door, Juan seemed unhappy. Juan turned around and said,
¨I had a great time Lupita and I hope you did to,¨ as he move his foot from one place another
¨I hope we can do this another day?¨
¨Of course Juan, I also had a great time thank you so much for making my day¨ I told Juan, attempting to keep the tears back but that wasn't the case.
¨Lupita are you okay¨ said Juan as he ran to me to make sure I was fine.
¨Juan you didn't do anything it just that ….¨ I wasn't able to say it , I just couldn´t ¨ I'm sorry Juan I need to go¨ I ran into my dorm and on the bed, lucky my roomies weren't here or else I would have probably cried more. It was the first time I had this much fun since my Mami's death.
I cried for an hour and then I fell asleep. Ever since what happened I had been avoiding Juan. I couldn't even look him in the eyes. When he would try to talk to me I would say I am busy or I had somewhere to go. I was unhappy without him. Around my friends I would try to put a happy face on. They would ask If I was okay, I would just answer that I was fine.
I went to class and my teachers announced that the break had started today so there was no class. We all went back to our dorms. I decided to go back to the dorm and pack some clothes. I decided to go back to my family and take a break from college and have to bump into Juan. I wanted to have fun and forget everything that happened in the past few days. My roomies were also going back to see their families.
¨I am going to miss you roomies so much¨ confessed Alyssa as if this was our last year of college.
¨It's only break, Alyssa we all will be back by 2 or 3 weeks.¨ said Crystal
¨I know but it feels like the end of the year though.¨ Alyssa said with a sad tone.
It was time for me to go. I said goodbye to the girls and made my way to the bus. I was on the bus for two or more hours until I came to my stop. I called a taxi and made my way home. Once I arrived I saw that everything was the same since I left for college. I was so happy to see my sisters and brothers, especially my papi.
¨Lupita you should have called me I would have made you something to eat and pick you up.¨ said Papi with an excited mood while still hugging me tight.
¨I wanted to surprise my family,¨ I told them with a happy tone. We had fun, me and my sisters went out. I decided to go back to my old school and see what news. See my old teacher Mr. Cortez. The break went by fast and the next thing I knew it was time for me to go back.
¨Lupita would you want me to take you back?¨ said Papi with a sad tone.
¨No thanks, I don't want to make you tired and by the way I already called a taxi.¨ I answer him. When it was time for me to go, I had said my goodbyes to everyone. There was still a part of me that didn't want to leave.I arrived at my college dorm to find that I was the only one who came back last, everyone else was already here since this morning.
¨Welcome back roomie¨ shouted Alyssa and Crystal. I was so happy to see them.
¨Hi roomies.¨ said with an excited tone. After I was done unpacking my stuff, me and the girls decided to go out and go all around Texas trying on new things. By the time we got back it was 7pm, so we got peared to go to bed. Every morning was the same wake up get ready and off to our classes. On my way to work I saw Juan with Alyssa. They were having fun. All day I was thinking about it. I went back to the dorm and Alyssa was the only one there.
¨Hi Lupita¨said Alyssa but I didn't even look at her or say a word to her. I was mad that she went out with my crush. She knew I liked him for awhile but why me, what did I ever do to her?
¨Lupita what's wrong?¨said Alyssa with a wonder look on her face as she made her way to me. I just got up and walked away to the bathroom and took a hot shower trying to clear my mind. After the hot shower I went straight into bed. I went days without talking to Alyssa.
Crystal would ask if I was okay I would say I was okay. She would also ask why I haven't talked to Alyssa and if something happened between us the only thing I could say is that everything was fine and that I haven't had gotten a good sleep. One day Alyssa had a surprise for us, me and Crystal went out to have a look and I saw that it was Juan holding Alyssa's hand.
Juan and I made eye contact. He was surprised to see me so was I. At that moment I knew that my love life had been over for me. I knew that it was time for me to move on.
¨This is my boyfriend Juan.¨ Alyssa told us, from what I could see was that she was very happy with him, so I decided to drop all of this and just wish for the best for them.
¨Were so happy for you Alyssa!¨ We shouted. Alyssa was surprised that I talked to her. She was so happy and we all went out to dinner to celebrate their relationship. Alyssa told us she and Juan met a while ago during break. She had bumped into him and they became close with each other. As she told us more about their relatshiption, when I suddenly got a call from Papi.
¨Hello?¨wondering what happened since he never calls me this late at night.
¨Lupita I am sorry to call you this late in the night but it's your sister Alaniz. She was in the hospital, the doctors haven´t not told us anything.¨ said Papi with a nervous tone and then the single went out. I had to go but I didn't want my friends to feel sad or anything.
¨I am so sorry but I need to go.¨ I said
¨Is everything okay?¨asked Alyssa
¨Yeah I just need to go back home something happens I tell you when I get back.¨ and that when I ran out of there and went to my dorm to pack quickly and make my way to the bus stop. When my stop came I went straight into the hospital to find Papi. I told Papi to go back and have a rest. He didn't want to at first but then he and everyone else went home. I was the only one who stayed with her, when the doctor came out he told me something that surprised me.
¨Are you Aliniz sister?¨ asked the doctor
¨Yes I am , tell me what's wrong with her? Is she going to be an okay doctor?¨ I asked him
¨She was okay but she was about to lose her baby.¨ said the doctor. I was surprised that my sister was going to have a baby. I didn't know what to say. When he left I called Papi to tell him that she was okay. I told Papi that he was going to be a grandpa, when he heard the news he was happy. Aliniz left the hospital and I had to go back. I didn't want to leave her alone by herself dealing with the baby.
I went back and told my roomies the news, they were happy for me. I had spent most of my time with school and helping my sister with the baby. I would go to work and after work I would go to the library to study more. When I wasn't busy I would hang out with my friends. This year so many things happen good and bad but this only taught me that life isn't always perfect and it is not always going to be the way you think it is.
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