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An ode to online dating sites.
The Perfect Dress

Two thousand and two was the year of ambition
To find that dress I started my mission
The Gala was coming and I needed to show
The friends and family with style I could go
I traveled to Paris, all the boutiques and shops
Then off to London, only a quick train hop
Nothing was perfect, nothing would be
I had to keep looking, the Gala’s in O-three
I traveled the world looking for perfection
Only to find nothing added to my collection
Two thousand and three, O-four and O-five
The Galas I missed kept passing me by
I traveled New York, all the streets and shows
Frustration and anguish I’ve gotten to know
Two thousand and eight is here, my friend
And no perfect dress for the Gala at hand
Alone in the shadows, watching friends go
Perfect little dresses of red, white, and indigo
I pulled one aside and asked where she got it
Just down the road, in that brand new Target
All the years I’ve wasted looking for perfection
Was just down the road, in a different direction
My idea of perfect I never could find
Closed and rigid were my visions of mind
I live life alone without a soul mate
This obsession with perfect, God I do hate.

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