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Recommending daylight saving time be discontinued.
In autumn we turn back the clocks;
the extra time we gladly take.
But now in March we spring ahead
and lose that time for goodness sake.

Oh Daylight saving time again;
adjusting clocks a task all right.
The gain in fall is lost in spring,
and sleep seems lost in winter’s night.

Who started this time change-a-lot?
This back and forward timepiece cha.
Time will flow fine without these shifts,
and I’ll have less stuck in my craw.

I like what my Aunt Katy said
one time when I was very young:
“I wish they’d leave the time alone,
  then I would not be so high strung!”

Oh Katy, I concur with you:
I wish they’d leave the damn time be.
We need not daylight saving time;
time will continue faithfully.

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