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Relaxing the mind while maintaining focus.
As a Strong, capable person,
I Don’t get sick very often;
lucky, I suppose, to ward off
nasty viruses all about,
those invisible protein coats
which are nothing more than parasites.
I hate to think this new corona virus
will undermine all we hold dear;
that panic stricken cloud of dark,
foreboding like some shadowy thing.
A new State of Emergency
in public squares and in the mind…
the worry like excessive whirls,
as if tomorrow will not come.

Worry is an Airport without
air traffic controllers on duty,
a city where the roads are jammed
and traffic is a futile hope,
and a mind so inclined to stew,
that borrows trouble way too much.
Playing safe—if it could, it might
Cancel the LA Marathon.
So much for runners from afar.

This International Women’s Day
(and pardon me if I digress),
can be no better day, I think
to focus more yet worry less.

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—Strong, capable person
—Don’t get sick
—State of Emergency
—Cancel the LA Marathon
—International Women’s Day
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