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Shi is now transferring to the new academy
Name: Shi Haka
Sexuality: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Description: Black messy short hair, Dark blue eyes, pale skin, height 5'6, weight 112lbs,(wears aside uniform) a black collared shirt, black ripped jean and white nikes
Personalty: Mean, smart, short temper, bookworm
Background: He was raised in a small town with barley kids for him to talk with or hang out around after 3 years his father died of cancer and led him to getting sent away to the academy from Bradford.
Family: Isabera Haka and Sase Haka(dead/cancer)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At the Academy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Shi walked down the halls stopping once he saw a door to the right of him. He sighed opening the door to the room to see a bunh of new faces look up at him from where they sat

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