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by La
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This is the Preface of the book
My husband wrote this short book a long time ago. He never published it. Maybe you can help me get it ready for publication by helping me with spot any typos, suggest corrections, or anything else. Thanks.
I am going to submit each section or chapter separately.



I have been counseling women since 1987. And, just when I get to where I think I understand what is going on with them, I realize that I have so much more to learn. The one circumstance, which has been the same in almost every single case, is that they were having problems with the men in their lives. The purpose of this book is to provide me a means of putting into the hands of such women what they can expect from the situation they now find themselves in. If I can get them to read the book before we counsel, it will make my work easier and my counsel more effective.

Life is full of choices. We make many by choosing to do them, and many others by making no choice at all and letting them just happen to us. Actually, you have two immediate choices. One (1): Seek God’s leading and obey Him as he works at healing your wounded relationship (no matter how long it takes). Or, two (2): Just give up on that jerk in your life and hope you don’t make the same mistake with the next guy.

 This book is for those of you who want to seriously seek God’s leading and healing for your marriages and relationships. The rest of you will do whatever you want anyway, and shouldn’t waste your money on this book.

 This book will make you angry. And you may even throw it against the wall. But in the end, you will pick it up again and read it all the way to the end, because finally, someone wrote down the truth. And, that’s what you really wanted anyway, right, the truth?

 This book will make you cry. You will cry not only because you will see yourself in these pages, but because you will realize how many more women out there (like you) have been victimized by those in whom they put their hope, trust, and love.

 This book will challenge you. By the time you finish it, you have either decided to once and for all break the pattern in which you are trapped or will do nothing and live this way for the rest of your sad life.

 This book is from the heart of a man:
o Who was once like your husband,
o Who once abused his wife,
o Who once almost destroyed his marriage and family,
o Who has been forgiven by God,
o Who has changed his ways, and
o Who has learned to love his wife and children the way God wants it done.

 A man whose life proves God can change any man.

- Pastor Juan Perez
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