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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Gothic · #2215581
A poem about a man and his unstoppable thoughts.
Oh, you should have seen!
The dark crept towards me,
Oh ever so closely reaching
I could feel the cold, see the chill

Oh, you should have heard!
It creaked and croaked!
It growled and snarled!
Oh, the sounds it made, oh, the sounds!

But worry not! The light!
I turned on the light! Oh, the light!
My dear light lit up the room
The knight fought the beast ever so fiercely

But woe is me, the light held a secret!
It cast more lies across the room!
Shadows upon shadows upon shadows
Oh, the horror, you should have seen!

But I was quick, I was ready
I moved the spear to another position and cast truth
Truth upon all of the falsifications
And the shadows were no more!

Oh no! Woe is me!
They came once again, once again they have come
The shadows moved along with me!
Sneaky, avoided my torch!

Worry not, not at all!
I would do away with those
I would show the bravery against the cowardice
The strength against the weak!

Up it goes! I threw it up
The lamp! It lit up the room from above!
No more of the black! Gone!
Out of sight, out of mind!

How could it? The dark pulled the lamp down
Oh my knight, oh my torch!
Swallowed by the abyss
Drowned by the Kraken!

Woe is me! Never once had I felt this hopeless!
Oh the shock, oh the terror!
But terrorize me no more
A lighter in my pocket!

My new torch, my new knight
Fire was all-powerful
The burning truth, the flaming heart
The truthful flame, the heart burns

But how? The flame was losing!
The dark enveloped me, and my dear flame!
How dare it? How could it?
How could it! The lies!

But worry not! I was told
But worry so! I was told
Oh what to do
You should have seen!

Yes of course
The flame was not dying
The flame was growing
It must be spread

Oh like a cleansing disease it must be spread
We must all be enlightened
Bring the lighter closer
Bring the lighter closer still

Oh, my clothes now engulfed in flames!
Oh, the flames now invading my skin!
The warmth was not too hot
The burns were only the truth

I hadn't blinked! Not once
Not twice, not ever
Blinking invites it in
The light is ever so protective

Now the fire has enveloped me
No longer was there any dark
All I could see was flame
All I could feel was warmth

It was beautiful
No more with the thoughts
No more with humanity and greed and sin!
Oh, you should have seen!
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