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A beautiful colt he was, Skyrocket was his name;
He'd lead with his head held high;
A Quarter horse was his breed,
Didn't know why, but no one could ride him except for me.

My potato chips he ate one day;
He smacked his lips, cause it tasted so good.
He yanked my bag right out of my hand;
You could tell he was guilty without any doubt.

It's true, the first name for a racehorse should be Sky,
And the second part of his name should be rocket,
And by putting the two together, you get Skyrocket.
Lo and behold I got hooked on his name;
Fast on his feet this racehorse could go.

Listening to me from beginning to end,
Skyrocket was my best friend ever.
The way that he should, he made me feel better;
He was the best confidant that I could have.

To trot and gallop him through the field,
Feeling proud to be on his back,
Without a doubt I knew,
That I'd be right on track,
When I took the route with the perfect view.

A beautiful filly she was, Daisy was her name;
A rose colored gray was her color;
She acted rather silly;
She would strike up a pose like no other.

On the day she was born, I put on her halter;
She was such a very good trooper;
I knew in an instant that she wouldn't falter;
She had the zeal, which made her super.

Daisy had her father's color;
Saar Saar was his name.
His breed was an Arabian, gray and white like no other;
He was a proud stallion that was very tame.

Daisy had her goofy side;
Gently kicking her to go; she wouldn't move forward,
But she had lots of pride;
By sticking to it, backwards she'd go.

Daisy was such a curious one;
She loved to get her hugs,
And she loved to have fun.
In order to get attention, she'd give you a tug.

60 line count

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Wednesday, March 11, 2020

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