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From the point of view of a drop of magma. Had to write it for a class lol
I awake and feel the heat rise into me,
My brothers and sisters feel it too.
We begin the climb up to the surface,
Pushing like a crowd to get through.

We light up our chambers,
Like flames licking the walls.
We hoot and holler, jump and spin,
Like children in a free-for-all.

Rising up the spout of the mountain,
The gases we once contained fly free.
Faster, faster! We all scream,
We can’t wait to be above the crust, the world we could see!

Our excitement builds as we go farther up the mountain,
We've been waiting so long, 10,000 years to be exact.

I look above, some of us have reached the surface!
The air is black with ash.
I see the opening of the mountain,
I burst out and land on the ground with a splash.

Rocks, mud, and ash fall around me,
I see the destruction in full view.
The villages camped around our mountain home,
Begin to burn, our pyroclastic flow passing through.

I steadily flow across the ground,
Taking in the views of this new world above.
My heat is starting to eb away,
Drying now on the crust I so love.

I am just a drop of magma,
Now part of the ground.
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