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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2215694
In progress- what's it like coming Home.
My name is Adalina Shesha. I am what some might say a hero of the Craferan war all the death and terror.

I am a dark green dragon with blue spikes. My belly and legs are sky blue with tan talons.

I did not start out this way years ago I was a sleek young dragon working on a farm. Then came the time I was doing my best to survive the terrors that filled the skies over Craferan. There is not often I don't recall those I fought beside and took down. The look of terror I saw in friends faces as they fell from the skies.

Now, I sit here waiting for them to open the gates one last time for me. I look around watching those around me working wishing I could be one getting ready instead of leaving here.

What is it like not having to get up each morning before the crack of dawn?
Who will I answer to?
What will I do?
Where will I go?
Will anyone remember me?
Why did I survive when others didn't?

The gates opened before me revealing the lush valley down below the base. I had seen this so many times before when they took us to the hunting grounds, but this time was different. I was guided to a take off spot that was in the direction of my home and the farm I grew up on. A slap on my hindquarters told me it was my turn to take off. I glanced back over my shoulder wanting nothing more than to turn around and go back.

"Ahhh..... Come on chap. Your holding the line up. Besides don't you want to get out of here and have some fun getting home." I looked at the guy standing next to me. I snorted as if to say 'what ever', but really I was beginning to feel the fear of traveling alone without rider or wing.

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