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by Drake
Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2215726
That will bring bad luck. Prompt for flash fiction contest. 299 words
Killian’s boss was angry. Being the strategy master of an elite special forces team meant that he should know how to handle this situation. Of course when your boss is a seven foot tall walking tank thrashing his office to pieces and you are smaller and weaker you have to be crafty on your approach. That was something Killian was good at.
"Sir, we've won the war, what can make you this angry?"
The Warlord pointed to an untouched full length mirror. In it appeared the image of the elven princess that they had just fought so hard for.
"This mirror shows you what one loves. Now that we have won this war, secured lands and resources so our people can flourish, this is what's on my mind? It's a travesty!" The Warlord threw a dagger across the room almost nonchalantly. Killian noticed that the dagger stuck into the wall.
"Sir, perhaps your mind is looking into the future, maybe the princess has something to do with your fate?" Killian figured it would be good to get the Warlord thinking, then coax him out of the destroyed office to address the team in the debriefing room.
The Warlord straightened up, smoothed his silver hair, and brushed the dust off of his uniform. Then, to Killian's horror, reared his fist back to smash the mirror.
"Don't! That will bring bad luck!" Killian pleaded.
The Warlord said with a mischievous grin, "I'm the Warlord of Loveland, sovereign nation of the elves, maybe a little bad luck will do me some good." that said he smashed the mirror into shards with one mighty punch.
The Warlord laughed at Killian's stricken expression.
"Remember young one, if it's a choice between fate or chaos, always choose chaos." then he walked out of the room.
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