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Good luck flowed on Friday the 13th.
On Friday the 13th, good
luck looked me in the eye;
it flowed like a spring stream,
splashing my face with energy
of cold water.  Like loot in a pocket,
this found bounty for spending.

I was fortune in Armani shoes,
striding streets with crosswalks
painted green, prosperity my Visa
Card throughout day, when black 
cats dash across one’s path,
when getting fired is the norm,
and storm clouds rule. 

I squeezed luck against my
chest and held it as I drove.
A spring breeze blew through
my half-open window so fortune
would not flee.  No fear of number
thirteen could seize it from my warm
embrace, nor hurry its departure;
it stayed with me that day. 

A glowing gold nugget,
satin-robed karma, expanding
as grand aurora energizing me.
Good luck satiated from dawn
to dusk, and I stayed champion
of fate, a four-leaf clover,
a seven at the table… 

…making all those traffic lights,
a lotto scratch-off win for twenty.
Discovering that lost gift card
under the car seat.  Receiving
speedy service at the Bureau
of Motor Vehicles, finding a
penny face up when
walking at the mall.
Yield of fortune.

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