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How are people changing?


Being a dedicated reader of science fiction in my youth, the idea of a cyborg is familiar to me--part human, part machine--but futuristic. With the rest of America and a good number of people around the world, I watched "The 6 Million Dollar Man". It was diverting fiction.

I've had a few hospitalizations over the years until one day I realized that without one of those hospitalizations I would have died. I chalked up that miracle to the wonders of science, extending my life beyond a natural boundary.

Later I was put on a daily regimen of medicines and I was held more closely in the thrall of medical science. I knew that, if I had lived in the time of Christ or even Newton, my daily activities would have been much curtailed.

Finally, a cardiac pacemaker was suggested as the next step in my medical treatment, replacing my atria. The battery, the wires-the pulse of life was to be provided by a non-living object. Another step in my evolution--Call Me Cyborg!

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