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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Cultural · #2215828
Professor Andy is assessing the murder of hatshepsut towards the fresco.

Within the night the professor Andy decides to enter into the temple of Hatshepsut. The murder was drawn detailed on the walls of her temple. A note catches the attention of the professor. It is under her sarcophagus. The fresco shows the beautiful queen lying on her golden divan and an arrow is hooked in her neck. He reconstitutes the murder as it happened.
Hatshepsut was surrounded by her slaves who arranged her for the night.
Hatshepsut says, "Hurry up! He will be soon here. Put some makeup on my eyes and bring me jasmine perfume. I want that my hair be straight and add some perfumed oil on it".
Hatshepsut was wonderfully wearing a long white dress and a golden ornament. She was waiting for her lover but instead of him, her nephew came to kill her. He wanted to be the king on her throne.
The professor jumps to the conclusion that the arrow was poisoned probably.
Trying to be out of the temple he notices a shadow of a queen on the wall and hears an inconspicuous whisper.

181 words

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