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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2215863
Contest entry of 300 words or less.
Edward sighed as he sat on his bed, incredibly bored. He had just received word that his job was canceled due to a fire that spread earlier. He knew who did it too. He had seen George put out his cigarette in the recycling bin that was filled with shredded documents just as he was leaving for the night. He told the guy "You're not paying attention." Later, now, he knew that he was. He knew George had heard him say that they needed a distraction. This was their opening. This was their time to shine.

Edward pulled up to the building minutes later. He knew the way past everyone. He was the owner after all. Robbing the place was easy. Too easy, actually. It actually felt wrong to him. All he was doing was getting the insurance money the insurance company screwed him over from last time on. George was getting a cut too, but the big plan was just to replace what the insurance company refused to reimburse him on when the real fire hit five months ago. And the way to replace those items was by stealing others.

It wasn't hard to rob himself. He took few things, but made sure they were valuable. Both men stole away into the white van they rented and then trashed it next to another car that was planted seven miles up the road. They left it on the shoulder, and did the best they could to make it look like something happened as the "thieves" were getting away. They did just that, getting in the other car and driving back to George's place. They found out later that the van was leaking gas and erupted into flames. Edward's valuables were burnt when they were found by the authorities.

298 word count
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2215863-Boredom