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Making the best of being Quarantined.
Set off and alone, antsy and depressed…
Quarantined—social distancing extreme.
What can one do in such desertion? Pressed
to isolation is enough to scream,

to have banishment unsettle life’s gain.
One then paces, unkempt, with furrowed brow;
for other’s sake, a necessary bane.
Yet for those trapped, a task to deal with now.

That card game Solitaire can surely work;
(at least it is a way to kill some time.)
For sure an Apple Laptop is a perk,
and on it Solitaire appears sublime.

Activities are what one surely knows
when four walls take away the space outside.
A smart phone can allay the state of woes,
though quarantine precludes a Sunday ride.

For those sealed off a hobby saves the day;
it can be writing poetry all right.
Perhaps Sudoku or some macramé*;
whatever ’tis should make one feel delight.

In quarantine there’s need for things to do;
and twiddle in seclusion would be dumb.
Let that be found to let the joy ring true,
and bide one's time without a twitchy thumb.

*macramé (ˈmakrəˌmā)…the art of knotting cord or string in patterns to make decorative articles.

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