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This is ditto of what I just did these past two weeks is staying home alone ill with sinus
It is going to be another two weeks of the same event of staying home alone or longer. I was laid up with a sinus infection or sort with my eyes affected too with a blurry glaze of my eye sight. Now, I'm feeling better and ready to go out venturing but within the restraints of a drive through restaurant, relative's home and doctor appointments only. It is with great caution that I mingle with people little as possible like a much needed doctor's appointments I've been waiting for months to see this week. That my folk's is my outing thus far as much needed medical attention. And, I don't have coronavirus infection either for the record. I've had this sinus flair up trouble for 2 years now and need a procedure.

Yes, I'm staying home again mostly to isolate myself from any sickness for that matter as I've just recovered from a bout of it. It gets lonely and I play computer games and write this article. I have to get a lot off my chest cold too--a pun. I don't know anyone with the virus yet but I want to keep it that way hopefully. It is all a matter of staying inactive around people as little as possible and just stay home. So far this week I had to venture to the gas station and fill my tank at $1.80 per gallon. I was almost unimaginable compared to one year ago when I paid $50.00 to fill my van's take full. Now at the same gas station I paid $21.00 to fill up my little, new car's tank. The only good news I have recently.

With businesses cutting back service or closing entirely--it is like a ghost town to travel around observing. I order my groceries online with Meijer shopping and delivery service. You pay a minimal annual membership yearly or by the month for more cost. I've used it for food for my apartment since July 2019. In a way you can check out their inventory or what items are available by way of www.shipt.com. So far it has been a very good service for the most part with few problems that are little.

Never in my whole life of 65 years old have I seen precautionary measures to date. With the media helping--maybe it is good to stay informed of stories about the coronavirus altogether. It can go any way, but a way to stay most safe is isolation for me all over again these next 2 weeks are critical. And, maybe longer if needed as to not spread the disease by CDC input. I have to go to my important doctor appointments soon--and then hunker down again until my procedure is due so that I may breathe through my nose again and not feel light headed at times. I can't hardly wait--although it is a bit untimely during these trying times. The hospital parking lot is baron as I drove past there yesterday. And then, the bars were over crowded with mindless people gathering around them. A high price to pay if they sicken.
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