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Ekkel used to be very powerful, but one day he woke up in his most weakest form.
(Author’s Note: A characters thoughts will be shown by having the Characters name followed by an equals sign[=], a characters speech is shown by having the Characters name followed by a semicolon sign [:], a Characters explanation of the world will be shown by the Characters name followed by an asterisk [*] Any actions taken during a thought, or speech will be shown with the actions being being in between parenthesis [()])

A ball of light appears before you and starts to speak.

Vacuo: Hello everyone! My name is Vacuo and I would like to welcome you to Juyting! I am the creator of this universe and 17 others. Now I understand that you are here to watch over Ekkel’s misfortune, but before that, let me explain to you how these worlds work!

There are 18 universes in total that I have created, and traveling to each one is completely possible and happens very often by the thousands! My first universe is called Fru, and the last universe I created is called Adensrute. This story will begin in my 7th universe, Punniv, you will learn the other names as you travel through. These collection of universes are called Juyting, and each universe has a god that I created to watch over their universe.

As far as magic, tools, weapons, and skills are developed, there is a figurative Tree for magic, which is called the Tree of Magi, and it has a funny story as to why it is called that. Tools and weapons are created by numerous interactions, they fail or succeed. Skills are earned through study and a certain amount of intelligence.

There are currently 104 branches of magic in the Tree of Magi, each branch has its own variety of spells that does differ from one another. Each spell is called a Leaf of that specific branch, and the Tree of Magi has seven Roots, which are the special energy needed to cast a spell, a person is capable of holding onto multiple Roots. These Roots are called; Mana Holder, Aura User, Spatial User, Will of Nature, Emotional Wielder, Ancestral Skills, and Energy Manipulator

Mana Holders are beings who are capable of holding in Mana in their bodies, Mana is an energy that naturally runs through most of my universes, it connects to things to give it life if it needs mana to thrive. Aura Users are beings who are capable of generating their own magic, they usually train very constant to increase their Aura flow, they release their energy to use magic. Spatial Users are able to collect energy from Space or the Astrals, and are capable of converting it into Mana to use magic from most branches, however there is a chance of the Mana being unwilling to cooperate and fights back, which ends up forcing a lot of Mana to compress together and releases their energy all in one go creating an explosion. Will of Nature are beings who are able to influence nature around them, and only strictly nature, if they wish to influence other elements, then they have to be able to hold onto another Root and learn how to influence that element. Emotional Wielders are beings who are able to turn emotional energy into usable energy for themselves to use magic with, this is a very common Root. Those who have Ancestral Skills are born being able to use a skill that the previous generation was very common with, or have significant influence of, or maybe they used the Inheritance Leaf of Familial Connections to pass it down to the next generation. Energy Manipulators are very rare, and often have hold onto other Roots for assistance, Energy Manipulators are beings who can see the flow of magic, and are completely capable of changing its flow however they wish, if they have trained themselves to be able to do so.

Now, every 20 years, I create a new branch of magic, the beings of Juyting celebrate each year as a New Year, but on the 20th years, they call it a Newer Year. And speaking of years, the time of my creations are a bit simple, 30 hours is a day, sun is up 20, down for 10. 9 days a week. And 15 months a year. The weeks are as follows; Jerday, Vimuday, Lukday, Sorday, Qetday, Xuyday, Yaday, Hippelday, and Vunksday. The months are; Liino, Vresti, Buddef, Popsul, Grendor, Assund, Treffip, Nagkli, Killup, Ermold, Cevhis, Hitory, Wers, Uniffum, and Xadfeez. Each month is 25 days The time is the same throughout the whole of Juyting, and the time of when our story of Ekkel starts is at the 9th day of Nagkli, on a Qetday. And the year is 13400. Which is indeed a Newer Year. As for how the people of my universes discover the new magic, they have their methods and it usually takes them around 6 to 9 months to discover it.

There are 8 types of beings within my universes. They are Humans, Elementals, Altomans, Astrals, Angel-kind, Demon-kind, UniSpirits, and Shadowman. There are also 9 types of monsters within my universes as well. The Hunters, Elementics, Slimes, Aquatics, Domestics, Epti-Astrals, InSpirits, Arials, and Lespics. My gods are not part of the beings or monsters and can choose how they wish to appear, they can change their appearance once every 5 years.

Humans were my first creations as they were the most simplest design I could do. Elementals are beings who are significantly imbued with one of the several elements that I have created. Astrals are beings who live in space and further, some can even live in the void, they can easily live on land and in sea as well. Angel-kind are beings who have specifically high amounts of holy prowess within, their counterparts are the Demon-kind who have high amounts of unholy prowess, this sometimes causes a fight between the two, but only in curiosity in which force was superior between the two. The superior forms within these two kinds are known as Arch Angels and Devils, there are currently 12 of each. UniSpirits are beings who are spectral, they have being consciousness and are different from their Monster counterparts. The difference between a UniSpirit and InSpirit are that UniSpirits are capable of wearing clothes while InSpirits if ever seen with clothes are likely due to the Physical Illusion Leaf of Illusions. And UniSpirits have an eye color, but be careful because some have white eye colors and they cannot be seen easily, they usually wear a white eyepatch over one eye to let others know. Shadowman are beings who become a concentrated form of Shadow without the use of Shadow element magic, they are entirely of black, but often times they change their features to be an appearance they enjoy. I made them one day when I allowed myself to get drunk, I haven’t regretted making them since then, very nice folk.

Now the Monsters, Hunters are monsters that have a knack for hunting with their claws, teeth, or whatever appendage I created for them. Elementics are Elemental outbursts that gained a physical body but hasn’t developed a consciousness of any kind. Slimes are some wiggly monsters that I somehow made, some can be very conscious and can become very smart very fast. They are usually made out of slime of some kind, or some other liquid. Aquatics are monsters who roam in the waters. Domestics are types of monsters that are easily tamed, meant for companionship. Epti-Astrals are monsters that usually fight a lot in space, they are only created in the Void however, and cannot instinctively fight on land or in the water, so they usually crash or thrash around in those places, but in space they can use their skills and move around more efficiently. InSpirits are the undead, or inanimate objects that can possess the dead's or undead’s soul. Arials are monsters who can fight in the air, and can be rather tricky. Lespics are monsters who can hunt you in a non-physical body, Magic is usually the best bet in defeating them. All monsters are capable of being tamed, however InSpirits must be asked by the UniSpirits before attempting.

Altomans are a type of being that is very diverse and live in multiple places everywhere. Altomans are beings who have human features, but also another feature that isn’t human at all. There are the Aquatic Altomans who live in the waters, and can be born breathing in water. There are Dragons, who can morph between both figures of Dragonic and Dragonic Altomans. And the multitude of Were-Altomans, now I will say these things in your Earth terminology and not in Juyting terminology, Were-Altomans have animal ears, or tails, or faces, such as nose, ears, eyes, or mouth. Sometimes they have the whole face, or in some cases all of the above, or only one animal feature.

I should also explain right now, that plants are also capable of having a spell they can cast for self defense, not all, just some.

There are many variety of Tools and Weapons, you have the swords, the bows, the axes, scythes, the staffs, the guns, the gardening and farming tools, hammers, and spears. In fact, the only unique weapon that you might have fun with exploring is the Kibun. That is a weapon that Ekkel personally invented many years ago, so he might just use it during his travels with you. There are also some weapons that are specifically made for certain people, so have fun meeting them whenever you do. As for a tool that might be unique, that would be the teleportation device used to travel between universes, they are called devices, but they are monumental gates at this point, they are called Feskills Purot.

Now, I have also developed a leveling system in these universes, just so that determining a beings own strength may be easier, with that being said, only people with skills in the Observation branch are able to see others levels and strengths, but the depths of the strengths are only as deep as the beings intelligence in knowing what to look for.

And that is all I will tell so far of this world, whatever you find out along your adventure with Ekkel, will be yours to know at that time. Ekkel should come across situations where he has to explain the situation out to others, so in those instances you should learn more things. So enjoy this mass of universes that I continue to create! That is all for the Introduction into Juyting.
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