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Time to come together
I know our world is now in trouble but only if we let it be that way. We can reach out and help each other even if it is just a few simple words like:
"Thank You"
"How are you?"
"Believe in yourself, as I believe in you."
I know it seems strange to just randomly spout out these words but in our times of trouble it could very well help someone only seeing darkness see light in their world.

I see people scared and grabbing everything they can when in this time of need what we all really need to do is take just enough to get by so the guy after us can have some as well. I know my words seem like logic and really are but many are grabbing up all they see because....... Well we might run out. The sad thing is that if we go about our normal lives and just pick up one extra thing instead of ten then we could help ensure all can fight what is going on and not leave those living with every little income nothing to pick up when they might finally be able to afford them.

Yes, I am ranting here but really I watched my local news station trigger panic over cleaning supplies in my town because someone told the public that town was out of products. the truth of the fact was that we still had a month of goods in the store and if let to be use as normal we would have never run out.

How can we take back control?
This is a simple task though it seems very hard to do. Simply slow down on buying things you have lots of if you see someone without and have a lot of extra pass it out help those struggling to be as safe as you are because when we do this we are really helping ourselves be safer by protecting our families by using others. Yes, I normally frown on this but if we help each other we can grow stronger and ensure this gets a kick in the butt and out of our lives.

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