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A poem I wrote whilst in a bad mood.
I am shattered pieces and broken hearts
Trying to glue together the forgotten parts
Awaiting the end of grief
Nothingness is my relief
Where do we come from where do we go?
Only the tip of the iceberg do I know
Black bile pit of melancholia
Blooming blossoming magnolias
Those questions and answers from which I gain nothing
Both and neither twisting and twirling I constantly sing
Flirting with insanity is my reality
Stuck in my own self-loathing vanity
Remembering fragments of a time long gone
I patiently await tomorrow's new dawn
Greyscale is how I see the world now
So stale what hides these pearls of ours
Oh God I can't see the light
The blackness blots out my sight
Help me anybody
Please God forgive me
I can't sleep anymore
Life is such a bore
But I absolutely must go on
Even though I am the Devil's spawn
For the sake of those I love
And those up above
Smiles at all times
For frowning is the ultimate crime
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