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by kirito
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2216124
You shrink with three friends during a party.
You, Lucas, and your three best friend Thomas, Alexis and Valentin decided to have a party at your house. You prepared everything, you were dressed in a kilt like you all decided to dress you even brought a magic leprechaun's hat. They will be here soon but you have to buy your favorite chips so you text them “Hey guys, I have to do something, my house open start without me I won't be long”. Before to go you put the hat on you look at yourself in the mirror, you're a perfect leprechaun but you suddenly feel dizzy and you black out.
You are wake up by your friend in your living room downstairs you look at your watch and realize you passed out 10 minutes ago. You don't know why but all around seems weird and when you turn and see a giant hat you understand why, you are shrunk you guess you are 7 cm by comparison to the hat. Luckily all your other clothing shrunk with you but now you have to get the help of your childish, prankster and probably already drunk friends.
You come to your stairs and watch your friends from upstairs, they're all in a kilt as planned and they all have a beer in their hand and a few empty bottle on your table. You try to go down the stairs but you fall of three step, thankfully you don't get hurt, the thing that shrunk must’ve made you more resistant so you decide to jump directly on your couch where Alexis and Valentin are. You land just between them. When you land two things happen, first you notice that your phone shrunk with you and second he have just fell on the floor you hope that it's as resistant as you are.
“Hey it's been a while, Lucas should be here by now" Alexis says
“Don't worry he will be here soon, there is a lot of people at store” answers Thomas “but I tell him that we will start the fun" you see him take his phone, he must ‘ve text you.
“So we should start as usual by a Tekken tournament” says Thomas as he turn on the TV and take the controller. When he come to sit the others two split away so you guess you while be Thomas' cushion if you stay here and you're disgusted by this thought so you run to Alexis and you stick to what seems to be his buttcheek. There is a slight odor of sweat as they were at the gym before to come. Just before Thomas sits down, Alexis turns his ass in his direction the problem is that you're in the line of sight, and Prrrprrprprprrp a hot wind hit you and push you. The three boys around you burst in laughs and if you were at normal size you would laugh to but right now a simple fart is a real torture all the air around is full of your friend noxious fart, and the smell, you're used that Alexis or the others fart on you, you do it too but right now the smell is magnify and it make you sick.
You crawl on your back to get away of your bud’s butt and when you far enough and the smell start to dissipate you stop and rest. “I really have to got their attention because it’s only the beginning” you say to yourself. Suddenly you remember why you stick to Alexis and it's to late to run as you see the ass of your friend coming down on you, and you notice that it’s is ass and not is underwear. You don't even have time to get up as you're crush by the stinky, sweaty rear of your friend. It doesn't hurt but it’s really humiliating because your whole body is under his right cheek except your head which is in his crack.
“Alexis I already told you, don't get me started or you will regret it” as he tells this Thomas rips a big fart followed by a SBD. You hear the others laughing and coughing while you are living a hell. Thomas’ farts are worse than Alexis' and your arm are pinned by his cheek so you’re forced to breath his gas. The stench makes your eye cry and you almost puke, you squirm to get out but it's useless.
“I pity your underwear” tells Alexis laughing
“Well the jocks on you I don't wear any”
“Well please put one on at least it absorb a part of your fart”
“Okay let's play a match, if you win I will get one of Lucas’ boxer but if I win you will give me your underwear”
“Okay deal”
During the match, Thomas release few tiny fart on you and drop of sweat fell on your face and you were forced to drink them it’s awful and you really hate this.
Suddenly, Thomas get up, the light hit you and you can finally breath some pure air, you can see Alexis giving his underwear to Thomas. You get down of the couch before being sat on again, you search your phone, hopefully it have nothing and it still function so you call Thomas.
“Allo Lucas, where are you, we’re waiting you for 15 minutes?”
“Please help me I'm shrunk at your feet”
“What?!” Thomas look down and saw you, he seize you and put you on his palm “What happened?”
“You might find it weird but I think this is a hat I found”
“Well where is it?”
“In my room upstairs”
“And where were you all this time?” asks Valentin
“I came on the couch to get your attention but Alexis farted on me and then Thomas sat on me” all the guys burst in laughs
“Oh boy I farted on you all this time, it must've been hell”
“Exactly so stop laughing and help me” you say that but you think this is funny to and if the role were reverse you would take advantage of the situation
Your three friends bring you to your room and place you under the hat, almost immediately you start growing back. You’re now standing normal size with the hat in your hands.
“So we have a party waiting and with this hat we will have a lot of fun” you tells grinning at the thoughts of what you will do.
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