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Please kindness and humanity needed during this moment.

This virus, is not just a virus that kills lives. It is also kills the humanity of a lot of people.
If you ask me, selfishness of people around the world are more deadly than the virus itself.

Many country had been lock-down. We see a lot of worry comments everywhere around the net. Many of them are scared. I AM scared.
Never did I ever fall asleep without praying "I hope the covid19 is decreasing tomorrow." ...Never did I ever waking up without praying "I hope my friends and family are safe and sound" . Reading articles saying "he's positive...she's positive" really scares me. I could be next. My mum and dad could be next. The horror of imagining it, I just can't.

My country is experiencing a partial lock-down. We have not been totally lock-down. We can still go out and buy our necessities, but most company is shut down and employees are asked to work from home. Am I not scared? The hell I AM. Am I not worry that my family will be starving if we are out of food? YES ! Am I not worry about my country? Will the government can overcome this without harming our Economy? 100% YES !

Here I am staying at home, doing my job and worrying about the country. But when I open twitter, open the news, all I see is everyone panicking. All I see how some unfortunate people, left with nothing because of our panicking in buying EVERYTHING. All I see HOW STUPID MY PEOPLE ARE, STILL CROWDING EACH OTHER TRYING TO GET TICKETS TO GO BACK TO THEIR HOMETOWN !

I AM SAD! I AM FURIOUS! Those people that were left with nothing, could be YOUR family. Those people who worked 24/7 in the hospital to keep you safe could be YOUR family. Do they not miss their family? Do they not want to survive the lock-down? What the government ask is simple DO NOT PANIC and DO NOT GO TO MASSIVE CROWDS. STAY AT HOME!!!! Did we listen? NO. Did think about others? HECK NO.

I do not know what is wrong with us. We keep complaining how government did not show concerns on us, yet when they tell us to do something, we do the opposite. When the doctors can't save your family member, you say they are careless and incompetent at their job. Did ever once asked yourself, is it my fault?

In addition, being racist toward the Chinese is not helping at all. You beat up some chinese person in your home country, did the virus die? No. Did you survived the virus? No. Did you get the satisfaction? Yes. How long? Then what?

Seriously, we need to work together to survive this. The doctors, scientist, nurses, all of them in the medical and research line are doing their best to kill off this virus. If they are working 24/7 for us, why can't we help them? Even small gesture would do like wash your hands, do not panic and stay at home and avoid crowds. Quarantine yourself.

Just because the infected people and the deaths you see in the news are not your family, or friends, does not mean it can't happen to you.
Stay safe, Be kind, Be strong and do not panic everyone. Let us all pray we can overcome this together, and able to go through our daily life as usual.

Love you.

Zaty Khan

I have not written for quite a while, and writing my first post ever since about how selfish we are during the Covid19, really breaks my heart.
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