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Fan fiction story, main character Chloe meets her one true love, or at least she thinks...
Chapter One:

          "Today is the day, the day I have waited four long years for. Today I meet Colby Brock." I sighed as I finished packing. I made sure all the essentials were in my bag as I grabbed the final, crucial items for this trip... The letters. I wrote these six months ago when I bought tickets to VidCon. Personalized letters for the love of my life Colby, and his partner in crime Sam. I wrote them before I was even sure I'd meet them, before I knew I would be in their arms eight hours from this moment. I looked at my watch to check the time. It was 10:15am. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door, lugging my bags behind me. My flight would be leaving in three hours, but I was too anxious to wait. Once everything was placed in my car I was off. "I cannot believe I will be meeting them in just a few hours! How will I react? How will I even...function? I haven't prepared for this big moment..." I was worried.
          I arrived at the airport, checked in my bags and headed to my gate, I was so nervous. I waited about an hour in the lobby before being able to board. I wasted some time by scrolling through Twitter. {Post from Colby Brock, five minutes ago} "VidCon is happening guys, I can't wait to meet all of you!" I liked it and locked my phone, it was time. As I boarded the plane I heard a familiar voice coming from behind me. They laughed and I began to smirk, I knew who it was. Still smirking I turned around to my best friend running up behind me, "Chloe!" I was in shock, "Abs! I cant believe you.." Abs lives in Tennessee, she took a layover to surprise me on the way to LA, its been about a year since I've seen her. "What are you--" she cut me off, "I'm here to see you!" She knows how nervous I get flying, and although LA was only about an hour away from Salt Lake City, my anxiety doesn't allow flights to always go as planned. I hugged her, taking in her smell of marshmallows, and coconut, she had just showered before hand. "Oh how I've missed you..." We continued onto the plane, she was only two rows away from me, but closer than she has been in a very long time. I was happy, this trip started off amazing, and we had four days left...
          Abs woke me up, we had finally landed at Los Angeles Airport. We made our way off the plane and to baggage claim, I found my bag, as did Abs. We then followed the signs to the rental car desk. "Hello," I said getting the service desks attention. "I ordered a rental car online, a few months ago when I bought my tickets.." Abs looked at me with excitement. The woman looked at me, "Yes, may I see your ID and I will also need the confirmation email, you received at time of perches." she smiled as I retrieved my drivers license from my wallet and handed it to her. I then tried to pull my phone out from my backpack, my hands shacking, as it escaped my hand falling onto the ground and skidding a few feet away. I walk over to pick it up as it hits a mans foot. I look up, "I am so--" I paused. I was confused. I knew him, at least I thought I did. I continued, "...sorry." He looked at me, smiling, "You're alright." His blue eyes connected with mine. Dark blue and brown mixed hair lay on his face, some strands longer than others, tickling the top of his brow. I knew exactly who this was...and I had no idea where this was about to go.
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