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Here's a list of a terms that are used in today's world.
         Now first of all let me explain that the picture here has absolutely nothing at all to do with this topic. It's the logo from Sweet Daddy's Sweet Potatoes. Just not any old sweet potatoes, but North Carolina jumbo sweet potatoes, and I simply just liked the picture. So from here let me begin with the real topic. I'm not all that old, but today terms that I grew up with have changed with the younger generations. Of course these days you also wouldn't want to hurt anybody else's feeling. So I've compiled a little list of these terms and I thought that I would share them with all of you guys.

New Age Terms

1) Whistle Blower - This is simply a new term for a rat or a person who tells on somebody else. We used to call people like this a tattletale.

2) Reach Out - Back in my day you simply would say that I'm going to give you a call or telephone you. The term reaching out almost sounds like you are trying to touch my backside.

3) User Friendly - This term really drives me crazy. For Pete's sake just say what you mean, that it's easy to use.

4) My Bad - This is the universal way of just saying I messed up. However in these times it also give the person who made a mistake an easy excuse and way out.

5) Throw under the bus - Now this crazy saying simply means basically just means that this person was ratted on. So here's a good example - A whistle blower threw Billy under the bus.

6) All Good - this say means that the situation is good or acceptable, and that there is not a problem. So don't worry about it, man.

7) Moving Forward - This saying is being used more and more everyday. All it means is to advance, and go onward. It's really no big deal, but in today's world we have to call it moving forward.

8) Shelter in place - This term means to stay home unless absolutely necessary, and that you can't go outside. The first time I heard this term was in my home town of Baltimore, Maryland when a cop was killed and they were trying to find his killer. Of course it didn't work.

9) Politically correct - This term has been around for a while, and there's even a television show out there with this saying in the title. It means that you need to be extremely careful not to offend or upset any group of people in society. Another words you are not suppose to hurt anybody's feelings.

10) Lol - Now I know that these are just simply 3 letters, but this term has really been put out there in text messages more then any other acronym. And of course this as we all know means to laugh out loud.

11) Trump Check - The new stimulus checks that the younger generation has coined a name for, because in an unprecedented move the Treasury Department has ordered Trump’s name to be printed on these new age stimulus checks.

         These ten terms were not even known 20 or 30 years ago, but today they are used almost all of the time. Some I like, and other's I can't stand. Thanks for stopping by, and maybe you learned something new here, but I doubt it.

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