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Going to the otherside

The bridge

Sitting next to you with my hand in yours

You try to squeeze with all of your might

Your inability to verbalize

Neither of us saying a word

Both weakened by your Earth bound plight

Seeming to desire the closeness of a loved one

Hoping it is quieting your soul

Wondering if holding my hand is impeding your forward progress

Are there any familiar souls on the other side for you to see?

Is the light so bright you can't see them

It appears that you are waiting for direction

Fear of the unknown maybe your impedance of crossing

Awaiting for the last breath

Is it quiet where you are?

I do not want to let your hand go

Fearing you will cross and I will never see you again

Crossing the bridge will mean it will be the last time I will ever be able hold your hand

Also being the last time I can say - I love you

18 lines

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