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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2216230
Short autobiography of a killing virus aware of its nature and denial as a killer.
Dawn of the Virus

I'm not born a killer! I'm not a killer! I've tried to convince myself, but at the end, when I look to that day millions of years ago; it's all in there from the day when the Universe itself begun and I turned into what I'm now. Yeah, a fearful assassin to survive through time and space. One changing its nature, mutating endlessly to stay alive. I haven't been a killer by my volition but to adapt to life around me. But now denying my true self, it would be like negating myself, my chemistry, and perhaps also the life and existence of the species I kill.
The dead, the criminal, and the innocent, all know me well or rather they don't know me but guess it is me; thought they might know how I kill them, I keep doing it every time; emotionless, of course, cold at times, that's my core. All that I've done, I've done it with stealthy explosion of discomfort perhaps but it is my quiddity; it is in my DNA, in my genetic cogs that kill my enemies and even those who aren't; I kill them all the same. Deadly prepacked it's my genes that attack those who distrust me and those who trust me blindly feeling foolishly protected. That's what I've done for over three-hundred million years. I'm now, I exist now, and will be in the future, simply as a killer. A silent assassin visiting all cities, big and small, close and distant, where sooner or later I walk and grab infants and young as well as the strong and weak and the old, indiscriminately.
Maybe not as quiet for I visit and just behind me rise wails of misery, of agony and pain as I decimate cities, towns and metropolis alike. My quiddity will always be one and only one, to be a killer; a criminal or a terminator like many others without remorse. A killer not for hire or an accidental killer, but one who has programmed itself to bring death. Without regret is all I left behind. Killing coldly done for that's my nature. I kill without questioning and taking orders from anybody except me. I know why and who and when my killing begins and how. I simply do what my chemistry asks me to do, and kill. Pow! pow! pow!
Like a gun, like bullets cutting your life, but I'm more subtle than that for I want it all; your present or future, the destiny of men, or women; both young and old, want to possess their flesh, run in their blood. Feeling nothing, when my victims as well as have been helpless children too; that's me, I'm simply a killer; cold accurate unrepentant killer made to kill in peace or in war times. The reasons, not my concern. Does anybody care? Of course, unless you're the dead already.
Thus, I come to life back again and again; what they call me irrelevant indeed or perhaps even trickier for I go unmasked decimating nations. The Black Plague, the Bubonic Plague, it doesn't matter what I might be for what matters is what you will be when I come into your life; dead for sure, of course, unless you run from me to the end this planet. But even there, I'll hunt you for life gives me life and keep my specie alive.
Of course, I come to the rich man as well as the poor, if you ask and can say proudly that because of me at least partially, I indeed visit all. Though you and others may never get to see my real legacy to all species this is how we evolve into stronger organisms; organisms able to withstand the forces of nature for I'm only one and many before and after me visit you, humans, within the purpose nature. Let's say we're part of an inseparable universal design that keeps life going; going into cycles of life and destruction and new life again and destruction anew and each life is upended for the better of all specie including you many times.
I've lived enough, millions of years to immortalize my name; even when my changes and names have morphed med me, altered my chemistry to survive. Every bit of my core, I would say, reflects my nature, the alterations, the evolution I've suffered; sometimes for the better and other times not but I always to survive. It's all registered code by code in my nature and remains the same, parasitic.
I need others to live and that's what I do best without regret. It's my talent to adapt. Evolution as you may call it but for me is existence only. With one single action, I've become as famous and earn a reputation as crossing frontiers, countries, social classes; all across continents subjugating the brave as well as the coward.
The intrepid, as well as the timid for death, conquers us all. Nobody wishes to die; not you, or I, and nor all other species for life is about perpetuation; it's about existing, being here now and tomorrow but only the strongest survive. Many will live or get killed because of me but believe me, it's part of existing. Thought I never been a polished actor or a showman I've proved to a winner time after time; too many times perhaps to tell you how many, but I have triumphed over the human's species. That's me, no more, no less while at times I do good, as well as bad and, of course, the ugly for others, but simply obeying nature's laws.
Perhaps in my struggle, a bit egotistical and filled with maniac passions to survive but others do the same thought for politics, for power, for ambitions, for money, and even for love along with all unimaginable human whims, caprices and vices. Yeah, I can't deny it; I've been on the hands of nature; almost as an accessory to its ends; good or bad but isn't that what sustains life? Some die at the hands of others; we eat their flesh. We butcher them to feed our own. I've been lived everywhere; I have visited many nations, even dwelled in where I don't belong to but without recourse but to obey my nature.
However, most of the time through by invitation; yeah believe it. Yeah, by invitation when your species break nature's boundaries. The poor, the starving, of course, they devour me as well and then the door is open for me to visit them as well as the famous, the royal, the socially malcontent, the pious and the irreligious. Too late many times; it's only survival of the fittest, me.
Again, and again, that's who I'm by nature; quick, faultless from the moment that came alive, otherwise I wouldn't be here or wouldn't be as infamous and treacherous as I am now but don't forget that I depend on others. I depend on man; man unafraid to hold me in his hands; and man to carry me in his guts and then, destruction, death by hundreds, by the thousands and even millions! I never fail the hand that holds me.
I've been around with the nobility and the poor; with the big and small without much regard for their gender for as long as I can survive. That's me. I know, I know; some will fear me; some hate me and some will even praise me while I destroy their enemies. Killing the few, may, after all, save the many. For sure some will see me as an unfair killer while others as a defender of life; after all, life rises triumphantly for millions more after death.


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