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A girl fights for her home.

         The girl stood by the trailer, agape at the sight. A strong gust of wind blew her hair back and forced her to look away, tearing up her eyes. She screamed over the howling of the trees, but the sound was quickly drowned out by echoing roars. The gust ceased and you could hear the stomping of both man and beast; cries of war on both sides.
         Bullets and shrieks pierced the air.
         Her feet gave out and her knees hit the dirt, arms wrapping around her head.
         But this was no time to give in to fear.
         A surge of adrenaline got her to move, run, run to the trailer! The door opened in front of her and her mother shoved a shotgun in her hands. Slim fingers wrapped around the cool metal, teeth grinding together as she turned and looked out at the woods.
         They had stormed the fields. The fence was torn, bloodied bodies of the beasts hanging off the netted wire. Corpses lay amongst ripe tomatoes as a horde of live nightmares charged towards her home.
         Her fear pumped in her ears like a drum. It coursed through her body like fire. It surged through her throat and unleashed upon the world in a battle cry. Her bullets joined countless others in a rain of metal upon the black plagues.

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