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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2216300
A little girl stumbles upon Luck.
Double Rainbow

         It’s foggy over these letters. A small hand, hidden under a sleeve a tad too long, wipes the condensation off the screen. What a wondrous sight you see! Sunlight hits tiny droplets on the glass creating small universes of color in each. Focusing beyond them, you can see the beauty of spring. A vast, startlingly blue sky seems to be sprinkling little gems out of nowhere. The green of the leaves is so vibrant as if radiating. A double rainbow spreads far above them, seemingly plunging into the nearby park.

         Annie wipes her wet sleeve off on her pants as she stares out through the window in wonderment, her eyes so wide they reflect the image outside clearly. A double rainbow. Double luck! Two pots of gold! She looks around her empty room as one does when up to no good. Her parents are working. Dad is in the office, mom on her computer. No one would notice if she just slipped out for a little bit. She’d be right back, it’s a promise.

         You can barely hear the tiny feet as they softly creep through the hall and slip into tiny yellow rain boots. She pulls her raincoat off the rack and a rustle resounds… Shhhh. Maybe better to put it on outside. The front door opens and closes quietly and swiftly. She’s done it! Off to the park.

         She reaches the park quickly, alas, looking up, the rainbow seems to simply vanish. That can’t be. She could have sworn it ended right here. A tiny foot stomps the wet grass in frustration and cheeks puff. Not fair! The sound of the little stomp carries in the empty park and echoes back with a mewl. Annie’s eyes widen again, all thoughts of gold forgotten. She looks for the echo, where did it come from?

         A second stomp reveals the echoing coming from behind the tree to her right. A quick, excited pitter-patter later, Annie is cooing at a poor wet kitten. It clumsily stumbles over to her feet and rubs against the rubber. Annie grins wide and squeals.

         There really was gold at the end of the rainbow. And her name was now Luck. She picks up Luck and tucks her under the raincoat. She must hurry back home to show off the spoils of her adventure.

Written for the "No Dialogue Contest.
Theme: "Luck"
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