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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Children's · #2216317
Angelika is playing in the garden within spring ambiance.
Spring arrival sows flower perfumes, love, and hope.
Angelika is a blond girl of ten years. A rose is put on her hair by her mother. Today she wants to play in the garden. She tries to hide the sun with her infantile hands when red stripes pierce her hands. She runs to catch multicolored butterflies. However high in the space, she perceives birds flying in groups. Always their arrival announces the beginning of spring. She arrives at the fountain when she sees herself in the water for the first time, she is astonished.
"A mirror!" She exclaims.
But she notices another girl wearing a white dress beside her.
"What's your name", she asks.
"I am Emerald, can you play with me," she asks.
But when Angelika looks beside herself no one is there.
She looks again in the water where she finds Emerald.
Emerald asks," have you got a wish?"
"Yes, I want you to be my friend," Angelika says.
Emerald offers a wonderful white water Lily to Angelika and says, "this is my gift for you my friend Angelika".
"Thank you so much, Emerald, you are so kind", Angelika replies.
When Angelika takes the water Lily it seems to her to be in an aquatic fairy world and close to Emerald. They spend a wonderful moment in the water. They are swimming, playing water polo and dancing in the water like mermaids.
"Goodbye my friend, says Angelika."
"See you next time Angelika, Emerald says."
Now, Angelika is lying on the grass.
Angelika, hurry up, it is time to go to school, wake up, her mother says.

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