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by TDA
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This is what I wrote for one of my PPEs. It is about the effects of time travel
Time’s Curse

I have failed. Screwed up. Destroyed everything I had. I thought I was changing the world. Making it a better. I should have listened, everybody warned me; but I was blinded by my ambition and hunger for fame… Now where am I? In a big hall with no escape, just doors to other worlds that I have no intention to enter.

The room looked like it was from the Victorian era, large pillars holding up the ginormous roof, large windows with shiny silver frames that let the glorious sunlight illuminate the room.
But, this isn’t the Victorian era. On my watch, which is connected to my time machine, is displaying many dates, 1958, 789, 3200. I am in a place where time doesn’t exist. All these people with blank faces, walking around in clothes from different times, but I feel like I know them. And I have failed them.

Millions of people were time travelling, to witness the majestic past, but that destroyed time in itself. Now, the battle of 1066 was won by the Vikings who plagued Britain creating a truly barbaric culture. The Black Death lasted for decades destroying 80% of Europe’s population. Schools never changed. Hitler won the war turning the world into a fascist dictatorship. People chocking on the ghastly smog of factories and new diseases and virus evolving to devastate humanity. And then. The rise of the AI in 2048, oppressing humanity and hunting down all leaders and scientists that are deemed dangerous to them.

Yes. I screwed up badly. I wanted to stay here. Remain in solitude. I neglected the world. However, I can’t stay. The D.D.R Bots are after me. They know I am dangerous. They have brutally murdered many other leaders and scientists. Their guts are spread around the neglected streets. Their bodies hung from the arched lampposts that shone death and darkness on anyone that passed. My friend… I was the one who hung him. It is my fault that his lifeless corpse hangs from the lamppost, swimming from side to side in the wind. Even nature seemed to surrender. The wind sung a lifeless tune, the trees lost their leaves and lost their leaves and lost their hope. The parks that once existed. The shine from the warm sun and the soft green grass was gone. They have now been replaced with factories in which on one knows what happens or forts, used by robots to take down any revolt and uprising that occurs. It is all my…


“Find him”, the robotic voice boomed across the entire hall, “make sure we catch him and bring him to our leader.” They are here. I need to run. But. What if… There may be a chance. There may be a rainbow at the end… I know what I have to do. If I can get back into my machine, maybe, just maybe. As my machine is more advanced than other people’s, I could go back to the past and destroy the time machine and fix everything. It may cost me my life, but, my friends, family, the whole world crumbled into dust because of me. I have to do it. For the world and for humanity. It is time to fix my mistakes.
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