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In which I describe one of the critters from my fantasy world!
Bubbles are very fluffy white spherical critters about the size of an orange. They have long ears that drag along behind them, rabbit-like buck teeth, and large, expressive eyes. While their stubby paws allow them to grip and hang on to a tree branch, they primarily use their ears to get around. In fact, bubbles are so-named because that's exactly what they look like when a breeze catches their ears and they lift off to drift to another location.
Native to woodlands, Bubbles are seen as adorable pets by the elves. With not an ounce of magical ability in their tiny bodies, they are loved for their loyalty and courage rather than power. Tiburriss, brother to the elf-lord Armstrong, was presented with a bubble in the wild days of his youth. Embarrassed at what was obviously meant to be an insult from the elders, one of their attempts to shame him into behaving himself, Tiburriss initially rejected the little creature and ran off into the woods to explore on his own.
But that bubble would follow him every time, its ears sometimes stuck with thorns, its fur disheveled.
Finally, Tiburriss came to care for the creature, and soon the two of them were causing all kinds of mischief, especially for the imperious dragon-riding elves like his brother.
One day the bubble led Tiburriss to a special tree it had found growing on a cliff-ledge--the powerful bows of elf heroes and heroines were once made from this tree's bark. Tiburriss carefully crafted his own bow from this tree and became an archer worthy of the legends and myths of his people.
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