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A mirror reflects everything
“I love myself”
The reflection smiled back with the face of an angel, hazel gems lovingly stared back, silently complementing my tan skin and gorgeous dazzling curly fiery orange hair cascaded down my back. My looks where the best, only to be matched by my intelligence and personality.
“I love me.”
I flinched and looked away from the reflection I was so drawn to and looked at the right corner of the mirror, strange a small crack was there, but hadn’t it always been there? Not giving the crack much thought I went back to looking at the prettiest person in the world, no prettiest being from any land. My figure was wasn’t too thick nor thin, curvy in all the right places, I was someone everyone secretly envied, whether they would admit it or not.
“I am a rose amongst a bed of thorns, I love myself.”
*Crr crreek*
I jumped back at the louder noise this time the bottom left of the mirror had been cracked, this one was more noticeable than the last. Oh dear, why is that, I giggle nervously, my body trembles as I think what could happen, maybe if I look to myself I would be fine, yes that would make me feel better. Happily I look to the only person I love through and thick and thin. My smile dropped when I saw cracks within myself, that has to be a joke right, I’m not flawed.
“What kind of nightmare is in front of me, I love myself?”
The mirror shattered where my eyes were, I couldn’t see my eyes, my face began to sag, the skin melting away leaving nothing but bones, my hair began falling out in clumps and so did my teeth. This has to be a nightmare when will I wake up?
“This is no nightmare, this is your true self.”
My voice says as the mirror completely shatters, and just like me there is nothing left. I look down to my trembling hands, the skin, and flesh underneath had melted away, tears fell from my eyes as I scream, my eyes, my eyes. I began to feel to see if my eyes there, yet there was only ash, I was empty, had I always been this way?
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