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Rated: GC · Short Story · Dark · #2216347
Imma deleted this, I'm testing out my short story skills for tonight
Story idea: What if I can add a werewolf that steals spoons and toilet paper, and make it scary?

First draft.


Part 1.

Faith Soraya scrubbed and mixed a pot of soapy water for a long duration of time. Spilling the water out after a few good minutes, she put it aside to let it dry in the summertime daylight. She sighed as her back wailed while she bent for another pot, which was the fifth one she washed today.

Retrieving the dusty sponge she dropped from the speckled ground, she plunged her hand in lukewarm water and went to town with the rocky texture of this orange pot.

A whispered growl erupts from a dark thicket bush. The maiden continued to wash and rub, oblivious to her new observer.

Crickets of snapping woods were silently sounded through the forest floor, and the black wolf can see it's designated target: the woman was about 3 yards away, and she was washing cooking supplies at a wash well.

Twenty minutes must have passed. The wolf's heart thumped when it saw it. The lady put her pot aside and gingerly picked a spoon off one of the dirtied dishware. Immediately, the wolf barked, and it's limbs began moving on it's own accord.

Faith heard barking in the distance, and became mildly alert. She thought to herself, Dogs?, and figured that a stray was making a commotion.

But her eyes widened when the barking escalated into a sound, an evolved sound that contained hissing in every animalistic shout. And worst of all, it sounded too close; as if a beast was coming to her.

Uttering a startled scream, she hastily threw herself up in an unbalanced stand and shook her head for the source of impending danger. Then she spotted a black spur on the horizon: it was the size of a cat.

Once she saw the that thing was coming closer and closer to her, and growing bigger and bigger, Faith blew up in a cascade of horrific exclamations. She ignored her aching, stiff muscles and ran to the back of Glassware Getup, a bar she often visited for spare favors. With a clenched spoon in her hand, she covered her face as she ducked behind the building, and relied on the setting's silence to soothe her.

Almost immediately after middle-aged Faith closed her eyes, the wolf promptly bit her right hand. A cascade of noise range in the maiden's ear: screaming, grunting, and whistling.

Faith fell to the ground, and all she could hear was ringing. She was unsure of what sound came from who and where, but she was certain that she was going to die. Pain immobilized her, preventing her from moving or speaking, but she hopes that the other townsfolk heard the commotion and she prayed that they would help her as soon as possible.

She closed her eyes as her underside began to feel wet.


Part 2

Detective James Shoelorn wiggled his mustache in Detective Donny Borg'deVarched's hand mirror. His upper lip carried a foamy worm made of beer, which was abnormally thick today.

James guffawed with Donny, who was trying to hold back his own blistering giggles. Another laugh here, and another giggle there, and the two clapped each other's shoulders in their own huddled party in the corner of the room. Granted, the only person left in the pub the bartender and the owner, and they were both the same person.

Apuello Mandez, a salt and pepper colored scalp that also adorned a permanent beer gut, shook his head with a wrinkled nose; he whipped his wet rag on the counter in the attempt to polish the surface, and his movements remained tense and rigid while the detective duo sang louder.

Donny brought his shaky mug to his lips and gulped most of it into his young gullet. James' eyes twinkled at the sight, at Donny; he wrapped his arm around the kids neck and leaned close to whisper something to him.

Donny froze, and slowly lowered his mug. "...That means...so much more to me than you...would ever know-" Donny hiccuped and burped at the same time.

"I know," James whispered, grabbing Donny's head and ruffling it's strands.

James let go of Donny, and the pair sat in silence for a while. To Daddy Apuello, it seemed strange for the two to sit so far apart now, in their own independent chair.

James hiccuped before saying, "If I could take the chance to change my past, I would pay everything I had, just to be your dad. Your mother...I screwed absolutely everything." He paused to take a slurp.

"...Well, except for that one time. I remember that day-"

Donny shook his head, and now his back looked hunched and desolated. Apuello takes note of this while James continued to vent,

"-I screwed her good enough! But it wasn't enough for her, just to me I guess. Your father was always the better man, he took all my love from me..."

Donny swallowed all of his drink and turned around. He made eye contact with Daddy Apuello, and raised his mug. Apuello deepened his brow and stared at him, and Donny gave a loud sound of exasperation as he stood up. Inside his head, Apuello was smirking.

The bartender watched as the young boy struggled to aim his feet correctly. He eventually wondered when Donny would finally give in and fall, but astonishingly, the detective lad managed to make it halfway to the serving tab.

Daddy Apuello smiled at him while James' speech trickled to a quieter murmur. The floor must be an earthquake for this drunk, because his eyes were wide with fear and awareness. Heh, awareness., Apuello thought.

The entire pub had been empty for a long while now. Most citizens went off to church to a town meeting, and Apuello felt obligated to be polite. Actually, that's a lie. Apuello does not want anyone in his pub when he's absent, so these scoundrels are going to be watched with a keen eye.

Donny grabbed a nearby chair for support, and raised his mug to balanced his other side. Apuello stared pathetically at him with a casual smile. James looked at the hand mirror on the table with his palms on his cheeks, muttering about how Venus Borgdevarched left a gaping hole in his stomach.

Then a silent sound came. It was silent, and no one heard it but the alcohol, which trembled in fear. Then the sound increased very suddenly, into an agitating barking.

The three men acknowledged the nose and froze in unison. Then Donny collapsed when the noise grew into a loud snarl. It was as if the barking was just above Apuello's ear.

James yelled something, but Apuello wasn't sure. The bartender slowly dropped his rag and reached for his ears. Still slow, he covered them, but he still heard something that shocked him: a chomp.

Apuello looked up with wide eyes when he realized the severity of the situation. Glancing at the two detectives on the ground, with the older checking the younger, Apuello had to be the one to help.

Stopping to bend down for his shotgun, he dashed in his usual, slow jog outside, and now he couldn't hear anything but ringing and pain. The ear pain hurt so much, he hesitated and contemplated on looking for something to block his ear holes, but it was a bad idea, and Apuello knew it.

Wheezing around the corner of his pub, he pushes himself to run faster. The shade of his building cooled him as he descended closer to the numbing whistles, and regret leaped at his heart when he realized that he was unprepared for this encounter after all.

He was halfway to the back of his establishment, and the pain stopped. Sensing that it was too late, Daddy Apuello clenched his shotgun in place, but a blur of black ran straight from around the corner, towards the forest. Apuello shot his gun, and was surprised when he heard nothing. Granted, a flash of light, a force of motion, and a bullet did indicate a successful gunshot, he just couldn't hear it.

His heart was thudding when he ran for the back of his pub, and he felt slower. Was it five minutes for him to finish his jog? Probably not, but it felt like ten for Apuello, and when he inspected the back door of the pub when he finally turned the corner, his suspicions were correct.

Dropping his gun, Apuello threw himself to his knees and touched the poor woman on the ground. Her bone-white skin was untouched by the wolf's teeth except for left hand, which was replaced with a mauled nub. The red and white of the decapitation was the source of the ground's red pool, which covered feets and feets of land.

Apuello let his eyes tear up as he buried his head in Faith's big stomach, and his hands pet the dead corpse. If Faith had stayed loyal, if Apuello hadn't influenced her, maybe...she would still be alive.


Part 3

"I am ashamed by you two." Boomed a big voice. Detective Donny looked down in gloom, but Detective James looked even worse.

Chief Andy Justice continued his speech, "You both were drunk when we assigned the both of you to help aid us in our need."

Sheriff John Johns squinted at the both of them from the side lines.

The Chief continued, "You both acknowledged and ignored the town meeting regarding the wolf."

The detective duo stood still while everyone remained silent.

"You both failed to react in time to capture the wolf, safe a life, and aid a friend."

James Shoelorn could feel the horrible stair of Daddy Apuello behind his head.

The Chief paused, "...AND you both did nothing useful ever since we hired your help..."

The entire plaza remained silent. Even the people in neighboring buildings managed to quiet their children for this announcement.

"...So I hereby announce, the two of you to be fired from your position as detectives, and as official aid."

Ex-detective Donny Borg'deVarche jolted up at that, and James nodded with a tight smile.

Slowly, everyone in the crowd started to boo. It started with one courageous person, then more and more passionate people added in their own voices.
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