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by kirito
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2216436
You have to work with a classmate but end up 3 inches tall, get ready for some farts
Your name is Max, you’re 17 years old and you’re interested in magic and witchcraft, recently you and your friend, Nathaniel, bought a spell book and tonight you decided to try some spell. He decides to try a simple spell, turning his brown eyes into blue, but you wanted something more impressive, you try to shrink yourself, as you trust Nathaniel you think that can be fun. Sadly none of your spells work so you decide to sleep, you both have to wake up early because he will go on a weekend trip with his parents and you will do a group work with a classmate, Theo.
You say goodbye to Nathaniel and go to Theo's house he lives down your street so that’s cool. When you knock you see Theo in only his underwear open the door.
“Oh you’re already there, right you told me you like being early” he says visibly confused “Come inside my parents aren’t home so I don’t bother to dress, you’re lucky I put an underwear” he laughs at you and you smile politely, you’re not really friends, it’s like, you talk and you laugh together sometimes but only in class otherwise you don’t even talk and you think that he’s kind of childish. He brings you to his living room .
“Get comfortable while I get dress” he tells before going upstairs. You notice that he is a bit sweaty like always, he do a lot of sports so he’s always sweaty and his sweat’s smell is strong.
You put down your bag and take your English notebook when you got a call from Nathaniel.
“Hey Nath, did you arrive?”
“Euh yeah but that’s not why I call, my eyes, they have just turned blue” he says shocked
“What!? But I thought that the spells didn’t work” you respond stressed
“Well maybe there is a delayed effect”
“But what can I do if I shrink now, my parents don’t want me to play with magic and I’m at Theo’s right now and you kept the book”
“I don’t know man sorry, I have to go, I call you back” he hangs up.
You want to leave but you start to feel weird, you sit and all around you start to grow
“No not now” you’re now standing at 3 inches on a chair, hopefully your clothes shrunk too. You go to the edge, you wanted to jump but it’s too high and you don’t know what you can do at this size. You hear footsteps and you see Theo coming with a sweatpants and a black shirt
“Ok let’s start this presentation” he notices that you’re not there “Max, where are you?”
“I’m here please notice me” you jump at the middle of the chair
“Well his bag and notebook are here so he probably went to get something at his house” he says as he come to the chair. You’re now facing his ass whose going down on you. You try to run but you’re too slow, so you end up laying on your back under his left but. You’re not hurt so the spell probably makes you invincible and you can breath but you wish that you couldn’t because the smell is awful, the air is full of sweat and old farts that make think this isn’t the first time that he wears this sweatpants. You then hear his stomach gurgles, you know what’s happening and you hate it.
“It’s going to be a big one, those beans are really kicking in” he tells with a laugh. He rise his left cheek and Prrrrrpprprrrp. An hot wind hit you, you don’t think twice and roll on your left, when he puts his butt back you’re not under but the stench makes you sick. Even at normal size, his farts are rank but now this is an all new level. The air all around you is only his noxious gas, you cough and almost puke. When the smell is gone you take some big whiff of fresh air, well not so fresh because of the sweat and the old farts but it’s not as poisonous as it was. You try to get his attention by hitting his buttcheek
“I don’t know what is next to my ass but get ready for an SBD” you don’t have time to react as he points his ass at you and Phhhhhhhhhhhhh, the smelly wind push you away, the stench is worse than his previous fart, your eyes tear up and you puke from the edge of the chair and you hear him laughs
“This one is great, if Justin had been here he would’ve love them” but even him wave the smell away, but for you it’s useless, all you can do is wait until the stench disappears so you endure that torture.
“It’s been a while, I ‘ll call Max” when you hear that you get up, you might finally get help. He calls you and you hear your phone ring in you’re pocket, luckily he shrunk with you and it’s still working.
“Allo, Max where are y…” you don’t let him finish
“Help me, I’m shrunken on your chair” you tells quickly
“What?! That’s impo…” he looks at you and stops, he seizes and puts you on the table “What happened? Are you ok?” he asks visibly shocked
“Well, It’s a bit complicated, with a friend we buy a spell book and I tried a shrinking spell" you explain
“Oh so you wanted to be shrunken with a giant me” he says with a cocky smile
“No, no ,no I wanted to shrink last night, my plans were to eat strawberries as big as me and other things like that, not being crush by you stinky ass”
“Crush…by…my…ass” he thinks a bit “Wait I sat on you?” you nod “And I farted on you?” he starts to slightly smile as you nod “And the thing I wanted that rip my SBD on, it was you?” once again you nod and thrill at the horrible memory “I'm so sorry, it must’ve been hell” he says that but the smile on his face tells you that he’s really amused by this and if you’re not careful enough you might end up in others gross and humiliating situation.
“So what do you want to do? Should I bring you to your parents?” he asks you nicely
“No not my parents they don’t want me to play with magic, and Nathaniel is away with the book so I'm stuck at this size until he comes back tomorrow at 8 p.m” you explain to him
“Ok so can I bring you somewhere?” he asks concerned, you lower your head “I see, you want to stay with me until Nathaniel comes back?” he proposes friendly, you hesitate, at this size you’re vulnerable and you know how childish he can be, but you accept he's alone so all should be good.
“Fine I guess the best option for me is to stay here with you" you respond shyly
“Nice we'll have so much fun, and Justin is coming soon we can do a party” he’s so excited, you start to regret your decision, Justin is as childish as him, sometimes in class they have some fart or burp contest
“I would rather be hide from him, I know how you two are when you’re together and one fart from you was a real torture so I don’t really want to have “fun” with you” you don’t to be rude but you’re a bit worried about this night
“Well you’re not wrong after all one day he Dutch oven me” he smile a bit, you really don’t get those boys “I will keep you safe in my pants pocket but be careful because my keys always fall from there, oh and I couldn’t keep my phone so I won’t be able to hear you, if you need something just text me, but while he’s not here, we can work as planned”

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