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The purposes and activities of a reviewer.
The Attitude of An Ideal Reviewer
Somik Banopahyay

This article is written for my newbie friends especially. The first question arises,
Who is a reviewer?
Reviewer is that person who reviews creative something. It may be a Movie, it maybe literature or any other creative things. So, we concentrate on the literature review.
What are the purposes of a reviewer?
There are a lot of purposes of a review. Prime of them:-
a) How the product or literature is. Therefore, this nothing but a part of marketing. So, growing interest in the literature is the prime focus of a reviewer. What does it mean? It means we should be positive-minded when we are reviewing.
b) We should know, what is a positive review? Just find out the points which you like most in the literature. If you never find such type of points, please stop review. Kindly, don’t mention any negative point. It can spoil your entire review. Why? After reading your review, every reader will lose their interest in reading the piece. At the same time, It will hurt an author.
c) Don’t give rating anything less than 3.5. If you think this review does not deserve 3.5 ratings then skip the particular review. This may upset an author. A few reviewers understand, if he/she gives a minimum rating, it will prove of his/her knowledge but it is totally wrong perception. Why? Because, the knowledge of the reviewer is incomplete, therefore, skipping the necessary points.
d) Another point should be noted carefully. A good reviewer never hurt anybody in own review. The review must be honest, proper and encouraging enough.

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