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by Guriya
Rated: E · Fiction · Emotional · #2216465
This story is based on the dream which usually a human use to see .
A boy was standing beside the sea and glazing the movement of waves , suddenly he saw a fish which carried a meal into it's mouth for little fish and by seeing all the scenario the boy decided to do some work for the others people who really need the help of someone.
The next day , the boy was lying down in to his bed and suddenly he reminisced the view which he saw the day before and then he was starting to write the things which might be the cause of others happiness . First he started from his house because it is used to be said that" we should first look down towards the inward of ourselves and then the outward", so that is why he decided to first set up with the family .
He started to move down the stairs and capture the things that he steamed that something is wrong with his sister because she wasn't behaving as she behaved then he decided that know "I have to fix this matter which is bothering his sister" , for that he went to his sister as per causally started talking about how her days are going on.but his sister became like a" ice", she didn't told her brother that what the matter is really disturbing her . because the really thing is that no one use to share the things in this busy world neither the parents have time to listen to their children nor the children wants to share their problems with them.
But the boy have understood the thing for service the others we need to get closed the person who is really in need for that he started to spend most of the time with his sister and that thing started bothering her , because they both are belong to that family where everyone one used to live their own lives and no one strive to put their legs in to others matters but gradually his sister started to share the things with her brother because they both were present for each other and she also shared the thing which really bothered her and that was the relationship of their parents were getting worse as passing days .
These things the boy never saw which his sister said to him but to satisfy his sister the boy vow to her that he will support you for solving this issue and then they both make a plan for trapping their parents into it .
The next the boy more decipheringly observes the chit chat of their parents but for him the things were normal because he never saw a healthy relationship in his life that how a parents use to be ! But his sister saw the her friends' parents relationship and that thing really bothered her that why my parents aren't behaving like that but she never have courage to tell them infront of them because for them they are the best parents .
As days gone they both starting work on their plan and the plan was to make them realize about importance of each other in to their lives and for that they themselves started the things such as they were making the breakfast for the mother and showing her that the father made for her by leaving the chit and as same did for father they take out the dress of their father and showing him that their mother did for him as doing the little little things the plight of their parents relationship are going towards the good course. Finally they both were being realized their importance and the things were fixed and they were starting happy life ever after.
The end...
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2216465-Family