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The arrival of Spring.

The cocoon tears easily under her overgrown nails. Now, getting out of it is another matter, her wings are quite sensitive. She struggles to get all the silk off, her hair is tangled in it. Awkwardly, she reaches for the scissors purposefully left on her nightstand before going to sleep. She cuts through the strands messily. A sigh of relief escapes her lips as she gets out of bed. She shakes her head to loosen the strands of silver and violet. A deep breath and the wings tentatively and weakly spread out wide from her back. Translucent, iridescent turquoise with veins of golden yellow running through as if on leaves. The fresh, spring sunlight floods through the window, reflecting off her hair and wings, painting the room into a kaleidoscope.

She stretches her body out, the scales on her arms clicking as they bump. Walking to the window she opens it wide and breathes in deep. The smell of dew on a spring breeze floods the room and her lungs. Her eyes close for a few moments as she enjoys the sunlight bathing her face. A small smile of satisfaction touches the corners of her lips as her eyes open and gaze out the window.

The garden had bloomed. The myriad of flowers sends over a scent to her that entices a loud rumble from her stomach. She had been asleep for a while after all, it is naturally time for a hearty breakfast.

Excited, alas a tad weak, she heads outside into the yard. Her fingers dust over the flowers and come back up to her lips dripping a thick mix of nectar and pollen. She licks them clean as she walks down the flowerbed. She reaches a swing and sits in it as she finishes breakfast off her hands. She allows herself the pleasure of basking in the sunlight as the movement of the swing invites the breeze to sweep her hair around.

Alas, not much time can be spent idling around. There is work to be done. There are other gardens to visit. This is her season.

She is a busy bee after all.

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