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Virus Crisis and Our Economy
As we climb out of our beds everyday, we hear that the Corona Virus numbers have doubled as soon as our big ugly feet hit the floor. We hear about another state being governed with extreme measures and we sit in our little houses in total fear,yet we're all holding it together somehow. I currently am dealing with someone who has totally different beliefs than I so it's extremely hard to even express myself thoroughly.
I was raised to always question the government and yet any time I contact my mother she is calm. She's also a narcissist who wishes me hell so she's probably actually already hidden somewhere in the woods. I'm trying to be funny but all jokes aside has anyone ever even TRIED to question your government having motives that have nothing to do with your own well being? Has anyone ever dove into the dark world of dare I say such words like Illuminati,NWO or even satanic rituals? I have and while yes many of the article or videos can be total insanity we forget there's a lick of truth to every lie and we forget that. I think people see these FACTS and don't want to believe they live in such a world and block things out. We FORGET all the brainwashing the government was busted doing and like to believe that would never happen today.
HOW do you see everything going on AROUND YOU and believe this PLACE was made just for YOU? Maybe it's ego. Maybe you truly believe you belong here and the big guy loves babysitting you while your tax dollars pay for another trip to a pizzagate-esque affair in the Bohemian Grove but what do I know about such shady EASILY OBVIOUS ordeals that MOST of you choose to ignore. Why? Is attention on Instagram more important that day than having enough BALLS to admit all of this happening is shady. It's not only shady but it's a perfect gateway for an angry man to rampage and start some form of globalization.
How quickly we forget this man was almost impeached not long ago for having a bunch of secret meet ups with other global leaders. We fail to also connect those global leaders with this virus. Have any of you READ the Emergency Orders of FEMA in an emergency shut down? Sure reads similar to the Holocaust. Do you really believe Trump wouldn't go as far as to lock down people to the point we lose everything eventually and end up in these camps or " relocated communities" as FEMA likes to refer to them as. Do you really not consider the fact that this man already thinks he's king?
The religious people have seen this coming for years. The book of Revelations truly IS a scary honest book to read in the bible. If you don't believe in a higher power then how do you not view the bible as a possible blueprint how the government wants you to act and a peek into how things might just might go down? For me personally it's all to fucking weird.
I'm a spiritual person. I am smart enough to know there's something bigger than me out there and humble
enough to know my point of view is not either correct nor should anyone else have to believe it. I am however lucky enough to know that knowledge is power and the second you can connect "one percent" to ALL of this then I think you should probably start to prepare for more than just sitting inside your home. Think about being traded over to a country to work more efficiently in the future.
Or maybe even prepare for the possibility that "poor people" ARE "sick people" and there's a shit storm coming our way. They're telling us to stay inside but as were doing that our communities are seeing large numbers of government vehicles gather in parks or hotels. Why? What are they preparing for and not telling us. It would only take a "military" team of maybe twenty to round people up block by block. There's eventually going to be looting. Then giving FEMA the chance to mandate yet ANOTHER Emergency Order. Once again I suggest you go read. Also these "Executive Orders" have been in place for 30 years.
Please go read up on the Bohemian Grove and our leaders possible money motivated intentions. King of The Hill is not only a shitty show but it's a shitty game and boy does it ever exist! You would have to be a damn rock to think grown men still don't play it. Seriously. I'm not saying we're all gonna be locked up in some poor people "community but I am also saying we might be heading for something close. They've literally proven we can live in a drone society and here we are doing it. No questions asked. Be safe out there writer friends. this is literally our time to be forced to do what we love. Sorry about the grammar and lack of paragraphing.
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