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the beginning of my book, The Most Popular Freak in School
The Introduction to "The Most Popular Freak in School" by Crystal Tyler
Once Upon a Time in a faraway kingdom, there lived a beautiful princess. Not just beautiful in appearance but also at heart. She wasn't like the other people in her kingdom. She was unique. But the kingdom didn't appreciate her, and she found very little kindness from others. Rather than receiving the smiles, compliments, and kind words that she would give those around her, the princess was often greeted with cold stares, insults, and laughter. Throughout the years the princess struggled with the rejection she faced. She felt alone and afraid of what her future would hold. While other princesses would find their Prince Charming and live out their happily ever after, this princess started to wonder if she would ever get to experience a happy ending. She dreamed of nothing more than a knight in shining armor to save her from her tower and for them to live out their happy ending. But as the years went on, the princess grew more independent, rebellious, and tough-skinned, and the sounds of peasants laughing at her got quieter. After enough self-pity, she developed a love for art and sewing and hoped that these hobbies could lead her to a different happy ending. She kept a strong exterior, for she had to deal with trials that other princesses didn't have to deal. This princess was trapped in prison like no other. She was forced to live in the body of a boy and go to high school.

September 14th
7:09 AM
Tracy: Ethan, doesn't your bus come soon? Get out of the bathroom!
Tracy: The fact that I have to text you because it's the only way to get your attention is sad.
Crystal: I'm heading out now, I'm just making sure I have everything.
Tracy: Don't you have a test first period today? I told you to go early!
Crystal: I'm leaving now.
Tracy: You better not be late!
Crystal: I won't.
Crystal: Have a nice day.

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