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Chantel's strange new world, briefly. She should have stayed in the tub.
Chantel was experiencing the worst nightmare. She awoke to find herself naked, in a stranger’s bathtub. Questioning if she was truly awake, she pinched the back of her arm and slapped herself in the face. Yes, there was pain.

Rubbing her eyes, her consciousness slowly faded back into reality. She quickly crossed her arms over her chest to cover herself and looked around the solid white bathroom for a towel or robe but found none. Everything was plastic.

Easing her way out of the bathtub, she cautiously began to assess her surroundings. The tiles beneath her toes felt hollow as she walked toward the doorway that led out of the bathroom to a bedroom that had plastic drawers and tables. Attempting to peer through the windows, she had not a clear view. They were fogged over.

To her left was a plastic bed, draped over the edge of it was a pink dress. The only other item in the room beside her that wasn't plastic. Thinking to herself, "why not," she tip-toed over to it, examined it, and slipped it on. It fit snugly, but it was better than being naked.

Abruptly, a thunderous booming noise began to rattle her plastic surroundings. Startled, her hands instinctively covered her ears. Her curious nature led her to seek out the source of the noise. Panning the room for an exit, she spotted another door.

Reaching the entryway, she stopped herself, gasping. It was the edge of the world. Forcing herself to look outward, she spotted a giant child.

The deafening noise came again and this time she knew the source. When the thunder finally ceased, she shouted: "STOP SNORING!!" Her tiny words were never heard.

The child snored once more, rattling the plastic dwelling, and jerked Chantel over the edge.

299 word count
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