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A sampler of works by the members of Dreamweaver Bar & Grill
         Greetings, fellow WdC members, and welcome to the tavern. Our virtual meeting place was designed as a welcoming haven for writers of every format, genre, and level to congregate, create, and discuss our wonderful Craft, whether you be hobbyist, professional, or more interested in reading the work of others than creating your own. One of the activities we offer our members is a chance to place exemplary works into this anthology, which is a showcase for some of the best writing we have to present. Beginning small in the summer of 2020, it's our hope that this will grow over a period of years into a gallery of greatness in a wide range of styles and genres.
         Consider yourself welcome to peruse and enjoy our offerings, and if you're a writer who would like to enjoy our relaxed atmosphere and maybe see some of your own work enshrined in these annals, drop me an email and I'll send you all the guidelines for you to consider.
         And now, without further ado, I present for your approval some of the finer works of the Dreamweaver Bar & Grill.



Mondakota Racing  (E)
Dreamweaver Bar & Grill - September 2020 - W/C 1,590
#2232937 by Queen Normajean says Keep Calm


 MAXWELL  (13+)
The storm catches a rejected male teenage musician.
#2228921 by Israel Snowplume

Stormy Weather  (13+)
A would-be star battles storms, fate, and luck
#2228309 by Blimprider

Sunshine and Shadows  (E)
The Storm is Brewing
#2229798 by Queen Normajean says Keep Calm

The vessel  (ASR)
Genie, Nancy, and Boo the bear during Katrina's night
#2229578 by WakeUpAndLive‍‍~Nyx

 MAXWELL  (13+)
The storm catches a rejected male teenage musician.
#2228921 by Israel Snowplume

The night the circus came to town  (E)
It was going to be a break from boredom, and yet no one saw what was coming.
#2228666 by Sumojo


Covid-1888  (18+)
Contest entry. What if you found yourself in a different time riding a motorcycle?
#2231438 by D. Reed Whittaker


The Dark and Stormy Night  (E)
People weather a storm together.
#2229029 by Zhen

The Black Cat's Tale  (E)
A Locked Shop, A Tardy Shopkeeper and Trinkets.
#2219944 by Richard ~ in a Virtual World


Curiosity Shop  (13+)
Strange things happen on the idyllic island
#2217296 by Sumojo

Getting Lucky  (18+)
George's life is about to change, and he can't believe his luck.
#2211632 by Blimprider

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Dreamweaver Bar & Grill  (13+)
An idea factory, an inspiration pool, a place where creativity can soar.
#2211862 by Richard ~ in a Virtual World
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