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Lea is living her best life in Foxharbor. Then all the secrets become unraveled one by one

Chapter One

         One day in the village of Foxharbor, there was this beautiful castle high up on the hill. Many villagers thought that castle was a dream, but they don't know the secrets that hide behind those gates. Everyone thought the king was fair and honest. That afternoon like any normal Sunday the king invited the villagers into the castle for a Sunday lunch. King Jerimiah and his wife Queen Vanessa were talking when their children Prince Jacob and Princess Lea came running in to tell their parents about their discovery of a very unique rock. Their parents were respectful and listened. They told their children, "That's great!" Then when everyone was done eating the villagers went home and the gates shut once again. The secrets hidden behind those closed doors. That night Jacob and Lea got ready for bed. Then the nanny came in to read them a fairy tale and they went right to sleep. In the king and Queen's room, the king and queen were arguing over the queen's affair with the head knight of the castle. The next morning the king and queen decided to get divorced and they compromised that Jerimiah would get Lea and Vanessa will get Jacob. Jacob and Lea were not happy because they would not be able to see each other for a while. Next Sunday rolled around and King Jerimiah didn't open the gates to the villagers for lunch. One morning the doctor called King Jerimiah and Jerimiah was told that his late wife passed away. Jerimiah was confused that his ex-wife was healthy and he didn't know how she could've died. Now King Jerimiah started to get super suspicious of his ex-wife's death. After Jerimiah got off the phone with the doctor his lawyer called to tell him this, "Since Vanessa had custody over Jacob you have the choice to have his custody given to you or you can put him in the orphanage. Jerimiah knew that Lea was upset losing her sister, so Jerimiah made the choice to keep him. The lawyer was about to hang up, but before he could Jerimiah asked if they could start and investigation to solve his late wife's death. He wanted to learn how his children's mother passed. King Jerimiah faced a problem how was he going to tell Lea? Jerimiah went up to Lea's room and asked to come in. In a teary voice she said he could come in. Lea was so upset after her brother left it was hard for her to focus on anything, so she just stayed in her room. Jerimiah didn't know how he was going to break the news to her in this state. Then he finally got the courage to say, "Lea, honey, there is no easy way to say this." "Dad what's going on? Is Jacob okay?" "Yes, he's fine, but your mother has passed away last night." Lea busted into more tears and Jerimiah felt so heartbroken that he couldn't do anything to comfort his daughter. While Jerimiah was getting ready to leave Lea ran up and gave him a big hug. Jerimiah never felt so relieved that his daughter was back to loving him again.

Chapter Two

         It's a year after Queen Vanessa's passing. King Jerimiah found another woman to date and her name is, Amberley. She was a divorced Queen from Johnsons village. Or so she said. Jerimiah and Amberley were madly in love. Jacob and Lea didn't like Amberley they felt that something was off with her. Jerimiah asked Amberley to marry him and she said yes. Princess Lea and Prince Jacob were not happy about their father's decision. Lea and Jacob have learned their lesson on telling their father about Amberley. Jerimiah told his kids that they are just kids still thinking about their mother and that nothing is wrong with her. The wedding day came and it was a joyous occasion for everyone, but Amberley was weird and wore a black dress instead of a white one. No one thought anything of it, but Lea and Jacob thought something was definitely up. Jerimiah went on their honeymoon, so for the time being Jacob was king. While Jacob was king he brought back Sunday lunches. After two weeks of Jerimiah and Amberley being gone, they showed up a week early. They came back early from their trip because Amberley had gotten very sick in Madrid. Amberley went to the doctor while Jerimiah accompanied her. The doctor told Amberley that she was pregnant. They were so happy. They were so happy that they got a jump start on everything. They had an early birthday shower. They even built the nursery 8 months early. Amberley started to have very bad stomach pain. Jerimiah got very worried that he took Amberley to the doctor. The doctor came in and asked Amberley if she wanted the news privately or if she wanted Jerimiah there? Amberley wanted Jerimiah there, the doctor sighed and said, "I'm sorry to say, but you had a miscarriage and lost your baby. I'm so sorry for your loss." The doctor pulled Jerimiah aside and said, "You might want to keep an eye on her she took a lot of prescription medicine that is what killed your child." Jerimiah was so confused. He thought they were happy together. He thought that she wanted that baby too. He had so many questions, but he didn't have all the answers. Meanwhile, at the castle Lea and Jacob were playing outside like they normally do. The cook told Lea and Jacob to come in for lunch. Jacob and Lea went to wash up before they ate. The cook told the children that their father wanted to talk to them. The children were done with their meal, so they went to clean up their outfits before they went to see their father. Jerimiah told his children that Amberley had lost the baby and they wouldn't have a sibling anymore. Amberley didn't leave her room for two days. She finally came out and said, "Let's have a funeral for the baby." They decided to have the funeral, so they filled the casket with all of the baby's gifts from the baby shower. Every villager of Foxharbor attended the funeral. Everyone was mourning the loss of the child. Out of nowhere there was a piercing scream. Guards and Jerimiah went to see what was all the commotion. Jerimiah looked down at his feet and saw a man laying lifeless on the ground. Jerimiah turned the man over and saw a knife plunged into his chest. King Jerimiah told everyone to go home immediately. Jerimiah told the guards to go check everyone's home to see if anything can be used as evidence to find the murder. The guards checked every house in Foxharbor, but they never found anything. It was a hopeless case to find the murder. The guards reported to King Jerimiah that no one had anything suspicious. Jerimiah made sure that his castle was safe and secure for his children. Jacob and Lea were relieved to know that there are guards protecting them. Amberley started to panic since guards are everywhere. Amberley has a hidden secret in her room. The guards were making their rounds to check the palace. The guards were almost to Amberley's room. Amberley had to think fast. Amberley told the guards to check the basement first. After she saw guards round the corner she started running to her room. Amberley made it to her room just in time.

Chapter Three

         Hi my name is Amberley. You obviously know who I am by this point, but you don't know all of me. I'm twenty-five-year-old woman living in Johnson village. I love it here, but first you need to know more. I had no family for years I lived with my brother, but he abandoned me at an orphanage. Most of my life I've lived on my own. Don't feel sympathy, I'm fine if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have met the love of my life. His name is Peter. We met in elementary school. In middle school we started dating. Then after high school we got married. We also had a daughter, but she was taken from us when she was first born. They took her because we were to 'poor'. We have been looking for her forever. We were so upset after they took her from us, so we took out our anger on other people. You may ask, why did I marry the king if I'm already married? I married the king for his money, so I can get my daughter back from whoever took her. If you may ask yes, I have married a lot more kings than King Jerimiah. King Jerimiah is the last king I need for me to be able to get my daughter back. I sprinted back to my room because I have hidden cameras all around the castle to try and locate where Jerimiah hides his money. I also ran to my room so I can hide the security footage before the guards checked my room. Now another big question is, why did I take those pills? It's because I didn't want another child until my first born is back in my arms. Peter is in another town looking for her. He said he was going to be back tomorrow. One thing no one knows about me is if I get angry I could possible kill someone. If you are wondering no, I didn't kill Queen Vanessa. Someone else did. All I did was split Vanessa and Jerimiah up. I told Vanessa that the head knight likes her. Vanessa went up to him and next thing you know they are having an affair. Then Jerimiah and Vanessa got a divorce a week later. I waited a few weeks before I made a move on King Jerimiah. My moves are the same on every king I marry for money. If you were in my place you will try whatever it took to get your child back. If you were wondering I have no clue who killed the man at the funeral. I have married six kings and three of them cooperated and the rest. Well you can say they are laying in their graves right now. So far, I have no idea where Jerimiah hides his money. I guess I'll try to get it out of him myself. The guards have no idea about all the people I have killed, but neither does anyone else. My plan always works when I'm trying to get money for my daughter. Hold on Peter is calling me. Oh no, Peter is stuck doing something in the next village. He won't be able to get back until two weeks. You may think two weeks isn't a big deal, but my plan starts next weeks. He is my getaway driver. So, I guess I have to move to plan B.

Chapter Four

                   That night at dinner the main cook didn't prepare dinner. It was her daughter that also works for King Jerimiah. At dinner Amberley was telling King Jerimiah that she had a surprise for him after dinner. Jacob and Lea looked at each other very confused. Amberley looked at Jacob and Lea and back at Lea again. Amberley saw something in Lea that seemed very familiar. Lea started to feel very uncomfortable about Amberley staring at her. Lea just went back to talking to Jacob. Lea finished her dinner and asked to be excused from the table. Lea went to go take a shower and she started thinking about Amberley staring at her. Lea went to go take a shower and she started to think about her mom and wishing she was there. Jacob went to bed after dinner. While the maid cleaned up dinner. When she walked into the kitchen she put the leftover food back in the fridge. What the maid shocked her where she didn't know what to do. It was the cooks mother dead in the freezer. She called for guards and King Jerimiah. The king sent away the cook to go see what happened to her. They found that her neck was broken from being strangled. No one told her daughter until the next day. She was so heartbroken that she lost her mother. The funeral for her mother was small. The daughter didn't show up for work for weeks. Then she finally came back, but she came back to quit her job. She told Jerimiah that she didn't feel safe in the castle anymore. Jerimiah was upset to have her leave, but he knew he couldn't force her to stay. Instead Jerimiah gave her the last check she will receive from the royal family. Amberley asked her 'husband' where he kept all of his money. Jerimiah didn't fall for Amberley's trick. Amberley was getting frustrated, but she needed to stay calm until tomorrow night. Jacob and Lea came in and started playing hide and seek. Jerimiah asked them if they finished their homework. They answered with yes, then went back to playing. Lea started to count while Jacob was hiding. Amberley saw this as a great opportunity to look for the money. Amberley went to Jerimiah's room to search for anything. She looked under cabinets, beds, and floorboards. When she was looking under the floorboard there was a loose one. She pulled up the floorboard and found a box with Lea's name on it. Amberley looked through the box and looked through an envelope that was full of adoption papers. Amberley realized why Lea looked familiar. Lea is Amberley's daughter. Amberley started to hear footsteps, so she rushed to put the box back. It was too late Jerimiah walked in on her snooping around. Amberley was super angry that she didn't care that she got caught. "Why did you take my daughter from me?" "Amberley, sit down." "No, why did you take her from me?" While all of this is going on Lea was outside the door, but she didn't want to listen to anyone argue anymore. Lea ran off to find her brother. "I promise I didn't know who you were when I met you, but the more I got to know you I figured out who you were." "When you figured out who I was why didn't you tell me?" "I was scared on how you would react. I also thought you would take Lea from me." "Well yeah I want my daughter back." "Let me finish. Vanessa and I have tried to have a baby for the longest time, but it never worked. We ended up adopting. When they brought us Lea they didn't tell us anything, but that the parents were unfit to take care of her." "That isn't true she has a mother and father who love her with everything they had." "I know." "So you were just a greedy King and took her for your selfish self." Amberley ran off in tears after everything she learned. Amberley was so upset she didn't know what to do, but she didn't want Jerimiah to find out she was a killer. Now Amberley had to make a decision, keep Jerimiah's secret or tell Lea. Amberley was so frustrated with Jerimiah because he wouldn't tell her where the money was. Instead, Amberley drugged him, so she could get the location of the money easier. Jerimiah instead passed out on the couch. I guess Amberley had something else in mind.
Chapter Five

         It's Amberley again, I just want to say yes it's true. Lea is my daughter. I found out at dinner because Lea looked like Peter so much. I just need money to get her back. I just need to find Jerimiah's money, so the drug lasts a few hours, so I should have plenty of time. You may ask go to a judge, but I've tried. Since Jerimiah is King I have no way to fight against a king. He automatically wins the case. Another thing is every time you see a judge the price to get Lea back goes up and I've already been twice, so next time it will be tripled. I just need Jerimiah to cooperate or he will get hurt, but I would never hurt the kids it's too risky. I'll be right back I need to go check on Jerimiah to see if he is still knocked out. Okay, I'm back we're good for probably a couple more hours, so my goal is to check the rooms to see what I can find. I'll keep you guys updated through the process. Okay update, so far I've checked forty-six rooms and none of them had anything. I'm so close to give up, but I keep thinking about Peter, Lea, and me as a happy family. Then I stopped in my tracks thinking if I should go tell Lea I'm her mother or not, but now is not the time I need to keep looking for the money. I know how much Jerimiah probably wants to tell her. I just kept walking in the other direction before I tell her the truth.

Chapter Six

         It's two o'clock in the afternoon and Jerimiah finally woke up from being drugged. Amberley was of course the first one there to help Jerimiah up. He was confused and wanted to know what happened. She said that he had food poisoning from dinner last night. When he actually didn't. Amberley was getting angry with Jerimiah. She needed to stay calm until Peter can get there tomorrow. "I'll go make you grilled cheese you stay here." Amberley said. Even though cooking was the cook's job. Amberley was really good at making soup and grilled cheese. She always made soup for Peter when he was sick and Amberley craved grilled cheese while she was pregnant. Twenty minutes later Amberley was back. Jerimiah didn't want to let Amberley know that he remembered everything from the previous day. Jerimiah didn't want Amberley to harm anyone, so he kept quiet. The first thing Jerimiah needed to do was escape and save his children from Amberley. The next time Amberley left the room Jerimiah ran to find guards to tell them what is going on. The guards didn't believe him because Amberley got to them way earlier. Jerimiah was so frustrated with his guards for not doing anything to save his kingdom. Jerimiah started yelling at the guards until they did what he said. Jerimiah ran to the village to announce that the villagers need to leave and get somewhere safe. Then Jerimiah forgot to grab his kids. Jerimiah ran all the way back to the castle and ran everywhere until he found his kids. Jerimiah was too late Amberley got to them first. She tied the kids together hoping that Jerimiah will talk about where he hides the money.

Chapter Seven

         Jerimiah begged and pleaded with Amberley to let them go. Amberley refused until she got her hands on the money. No one knew, but the king has hidden many buttons around the castle to notify the guards that there is an emergency. Jerimiah slowly walked over to where the button was and pressed it. Amberley had no idea those existed. Jerimiah continued to bargain with her, but she wouldn't let up until she had her money. In a matter of minutes, the guards came rushing in and arrested Amberley. She thought her plan was ruined. She was hoping Peter would get here fast to get her out of the dungeon. Amberley was worried because the money to get her out of the dungeon was all the money she had. Jerimiah ran and grabbed his kids and gave them a big hug. "Dad why did Amberley take us?" "And why did she keep asking for money?" "Don't worry you guys are safe now. That's all that matters to me." In Jerimiah's head he was scared because he knew he was going to have to come clean soon. He told his kids that he would tuck them in tonight. Jerimiah knew he had a few hours until he had to tell his kids the truth. Jerimiah ran to his room and pried up the loose floorboard. Pulled out the box and realized the papers were gone. He started to panic. Jerimiah ran down to the dungeon asked Amberley for the papers. "I don't have them." Jerimiah went back up stairs and looked through everything, but found nothing. "Looking for these?" a voice said from behind. Jerimiah turned around to see Lea holding the papers.

Chapter Eight

         Lea was crying so much because the woman in the dungeon that her 'father' threw in the dungeon was her real mother. "Lea how did you find those papers?" "Tell me the truth and stop lying"
"Lea, Amberley is your real mother not Vanessa and I. Please tell me how did you find those papers?"
"I saw Amberley put the box back in the floor while Jacob and I were playing. I looked through every page and every single document in that box."
         Lea didn't know if she could ever forgive her so called 'father'. Lea ran to her room because she was so upset with Jerimiah. Lea was wondering if her whole life is a lie. Like now she knows her brother, her best friend, is not even her real brother. Did Jacob know anything about this? Why would they keep this a secret for so long? She started packing a bag of her stuff to run away, but first she needs to go visit her mother. She needed to find her dad to get his help. Then she can rescue Amberley. Lea went to the dungeon and walked up to Amberley's cell. "Hi mom. Don't worry I'm going to get you out, but what does dad look like?"
"Lea? Hi. You aren't mad at me?"
"No, I'm mad at Jerimiah."
"I'm so sorry I've been doing everything I can for you. Your father's name is Peter. Here's his picture." "I'll be back I promise." Lea set off on her journey to find her father. There Lea stands outside the gates having no idea on where to go to find Peter.

Chapter Nine

                   Lea didn't think about how to find her father, but she had to try. She realized that she has a phone that has navigation on it. She pulled her phone out and headed towards the next village. She arrived at the closet village and she started knocking on every door showing people Peter's face. No one in that village has ever seen Peter. Lea headed to the next village to see if that was the right place. Jerimiah woke up the next morning hoping to have breakfast with his children, but when he arrived at the table Lea wasn't there. He ran to the dungeon and that Amberley was gone, so he called the guards. The guards told Jerimiah that Lea left alone last night. Jerimiah told the guards to for look for Lea and Amberley. The guards got their horses and went on their way. Lea was about twenty-four minutes away from the next village. She finally arrived, so now she started knocking on every door. Everyone said Peter lived a few blocks down. Lea kept walking and knocking on doors until she got to the last house. She knocked and Peter opened the door. Peter was so shocked to see his daughter in his own eyes. Peter gave Lea a huge hug because when he first laid eyes on Lea he knew that Lea was his daughter. Peter let Lea sleep there that night because it was getting dark. Lea told Peter that Amberley was in trouble and how she was in jail. Peter didn't worry because he knew she would escape back home safely.

Chapter Ten

         I'm back, but I can't talk long because I'm on the run. I'm trying to get back to Johnson village, so I can get back to Peter and Lea. I think I'm close, but I'm not sure where I am. I'm going to try and rest a little bit, it's been a long day. It's really hard to sleep because I'm lying on the ground. I'm going to try and walk the rest of the way before it gets too dark to see anything. I made it! I'm only four blocks away. I hurried home and when I arrived I noticed Lea asleep on the couch next to Peter. I went to the next room and went to bed. The next morning Peter woke me up with a kiss and told me how amazing Lea is. I'm sad to tell Peter and Lea we have to leave before someone finds me. I told Peter everything he needed to know so we can get out as fast as we can. Peter and I started to pack now. We packed quietly, so we didn't wake up Lea. Lea woke up later that morning and gave me a big hug and she called me mom. I can never get over being called mom. We told Lea what's going and she graciously helped packing. Lea looked at us and said something that Peter and I couldn't believe. Lea looked at us and told us she knew where King Jerimiah hides his money. Lea told us to stay and pack while she went to the castle to grab the money. I told her we didn't want her to get hurt. Lea was confident that she could do it. Lea told us that she didn't want to move and she wanted to live here. Peter said, "Go grab the money and hurry back while we pack. Be safe." Lea left and Peter and I packed up the house.

Chapter Eleven

         Lea was at the castle gate and she was hesitant to walk in because she was reminded of all the lies she was told. She finally got the courage to walk in. she was greeted by Jerimiah with a big hug. "I need to grab a few things and then I'm leaving for good."
"You can't do that I still have custody of you."
"Well not for long my real dad is getting the rest of the money. Then we finally will be a real family."
"Well at least let me help you."
"No. Just leave me alone."
         Lea went straight to her closet because she knew there was a hidden door in her room. She had a thought that it had to be there. Lea packed clothes and some of her valuables, so it wouldn't look like anything suspicious. She took some boxes and bags to fill up with money and anything else she wanted. Finally, Lea got to the secret door and realized she didn't know the combination. She thought of every important date there was. Jacob's birthday, her birthday, and even Jerimiah's birthday. Lea had two more options she tried her "parents" anniversary, but it didn't open. Lea was almost out of hope. Lea tried the last date she had. It was her mother's birthday. She hoped and prayed, then all of a sudden it opens. Lea took the bag and boxes and started filling them with money and jewels. She heard footsteps heading toward hers. Lea threw everything in the bag as fast as she could and left the hidden room immediately. Right after she left the hidden room the guards walked in. "Miss we are here to escort you to your carriage."
"I don't want a carriage from anyone here."
"I'm sorry Miss, but we have no choice it was an order."
"I guess I have to. It may help I can't carry all of this by myself." Lea headed back to Johnson village. When she got back to Peter and Amberley she showed them all of the money she grabbed. They decided to let Peter go back to the castle to bring the money to King Jerimiah. They thought Lea and Amberley would get caught if they went near Jerimiah. Amberley and Lea stayed home while Peter went back to the castle. They were very worried while they were waiting. "Lea can I ask some questions, so I can get to know you?"
"Yeah go ahead."
"What do you love to do for fun?"

"I love to do ballet."
"What is your favorite book."
"I don't really have one. I just love to read fairy tales." They talked for hours, but then out of nowhere there was a knock at the door. Lea and Amberley looked at each other both very scared. Amberley slowly walked to the door. All of a sudden these men came barging in and grabbed Amberley.

Chapter Twelve

         Peter finally reached the castle. He asked the guards if he could speak to Jerimiah. The guards led Peter to the throne room. "I'm here to bail my wife out of jail and pay you for you to revoke your rights towards Lea."
"You're too late your wife escaped two days ago."

"What? You didn't protect my wife that is your one job to protect your people." Peter was saying these things, so he wouldn't give away Amberley's location. Peter couldn't talk to Jerimiah, so he left. He went back towards Johnson village. Pete couldn't wait to get home. He wanted to see his beautiful wife and daughter. Peter walked into his house and saw it completely destroyed. Lea was in the corner in tears. Peter ran to Lea to see what happened. Lea calmed down enough to tell him what happened. "These men came running in and messed up the house and took Amberley. I mean mom." Peter knew exactly who did all of this. "Honey I need you to stay here okay. I love you."
"Dad no don't go please it's too dangerous."
"It's fine I promise. Just stay here." Peter ran out of the house and into the woods. The guy who took Amberley was Josh. Amberley's ex-best friend. Josh always helped Amberley escape from jail. Peter got to Josh's house and knocked on the door. Josh opened the door and Peter asked where Amberley was. "Do you have my money?"
"Here take it." Peter looked over Josh's shoulder and saw Amberley in a cage. "You're short."
"What it can't be. Can you just give her back and we will give you the money later?"
"No! "You're short."
"What it can't be. Can you just give her back and we will give you the money later?"
"No! You said that last time and look at where we are now."
"You told me that was the price."
"Well thing changed. Amberley didn't pay me two times, so the price tripled."
"You are sick Josh."
"Thanks. You have forty-eight hours. Better hurry. Goodbye Peter." Peter had no idea where he was going to get all that money. Then it hit him, Peter needed to rob someone. Peter started running to where he thought he could find someone. He went in the opposite direction of Johnson village.

Chapter Thirteen

         Peter called Lea to tell him about everything going on and that he was going to be back late. Peter told Lea that he needed money to get Amberley back. She understood and she wanted to help too, but Peter didn't want her to. Lea didn't care what her dad said she was going to find a way to help her family. Lea grabbed anything she didn't want anymore, so she went to her room. Lea found some jewelry, books, and clothes she never wore. Then Lea saw a dress that was given to her by Queen Vanessa. She threw it into the pile because it had no value to her anymore. Lea went to the market and started selling everything she had. Peter arrived at the location he needed. It was a bank Amberley has robbed before. Peter put on a mask and went inside. He started screaming for the money. Peter gave the bag to a worker and she started filling it up. She handed the bag back to Peter and Peter started running. While he was running he ran into guards that arrested him. Peter called Leah from jail to tell her what's going on. Leah was at the market still and she had to sell five pieces of jewelry and the dress. A woman came up to Lea. "How much for the dress?" Lea started thinking. She needs two thousand five hundred dollars. "Is it not for sale?"
"No. I mean yes, but for two thousand."

"Deal." The woman paid Lea. Now Lea had five pieces of jewelry, so she decided to sell them for hundred a piece. "How much for the rings and necklace?"
"Excuse me? You want all of it?"
"Yes, isn't that what I asked?"

"They are hundred a piece."
"That is a good deal. I'll take them all"
"Really? Thank you so much!" Lea got the money from the man and the money from the castle. She started running to the prison her father was at. Lea arrived at the jail and immediately started looking for his cell. Lea didn't use the money for her father. Instead, she took a bobby pin out of her hair and she started to pick the lock. She was struggling to get it unlocked. She was getting hopeless. With the ring of the bell tower, Peter and Lea started to get worried. It was the next day they had twenty-four hours to get back to Josh's house. Peter started to help Lea and then she finally got it to unlock. Lea grabbed the money and then Peter and Lea started running to Josh's house to rescue Amberley.

Chapter Fourteen

         They had less than four hours to get to Josh's and they had no idea where they were. They started running again. They finally got to Josh's house in enough time. Peter pounded on the door. No one answered. Lea and Peter started to panic because time was running out. Peter turned the door knob and it was unlocked. Peter and Lea walked around searching for Amberley. They started checking every room and yelling her name, but no one answered. They weren't going to give up until they found Amberley. There was a muffled scream coming from somewhere in the house. "Did you here that?"
"Here what?"

"There was a scream, but I don't know where it came from." They started looking even harder to find whoever screamed. They still couldn't find anything. Lea started to look harder and she was so scared about what she found. It wasn't her mom or a person, but it was TV's full of security footage. They found that Josh moved Amberley to a different spot. Leah was really confused, but Peter knew exactly where that spot was. Peter grabbed Lea and the money, then started running into the forest. Lea was confused, but Peter wouldn't talk to her. "Dad tell me what's going on."
"There's no time. Just keep running."
"Not until you tell me what's going on."
"Josh is Jerimiah's brother. We are going to their parent's house." Lea had no more questions and started running again.

Chapter Fifteen

         Lea was still shocked that her fake father had a brother. "Why does Jerimiah's parents hate mom?"
"Keep walking we have no time."
"No. Tell me what is going." Peter kept walking, but Lea refused until she had answers. Peter finally stopped arguing and told her the story. "Amberley's foster parents were Jerimiah's and Josh's parent's. They were horrible to her. She finally ran away and came back to the orphanage."

"That's terrible."
"I know. She didn't deserve what happened to her."

"But why do they want her if she ran away?"
"When Amberley left she stole a ring that has been in their family for generations. The ring was worth millions of dollars." Lea understood, so now she started running again with Peter. Peter and Lea started walking because they started to get really tired. They have been running for a really long time. They sat down and took a breather, so they could run the rest of the way. Lea was wondering how much longer they had to go. Out of nowhere Peter heard singing and laughter. "Get down!"

"Shhhh. Don't talk." The laughter kept getting closer and closer. Then Peter saw Josh holding a tray of food. Peter ducked down, so he wouldn't be seen. Peter and Lea started following Josh. Hoping he would lead them to Amberley. Peter started to notice something off with Josh. They started going in zig-zags around the forest. Josh started to walk faster that they couldn't keep up. Lea and Peter lost track of Josh. Peter didn't know how deep in the forest they were. Peter was so frustrated, so he started jumping up and down. "Stop. Look those leaves moved." They looked under Peter's feet and saw a handle. There was a door leading underground. "If you didn't jump we would have never found this."
"And if it wasn't for your great eye we would never have seen the door. They opened the door and saw a ladder leading down to a black hole. Peter started climbing down first and Lea followed. When they reached the bottom they saw a tunnel. Peter and Lea started walking down the tunnel not knowing where it led to. Peter and Lea heard a terrifying scream, so they started running down the tunnel. What they saw was unbelievable. It was Queen Vanessa.

Chapter Sixteen

         Lea and Peter hurried and untied Vanessa. "Are you okay?"
"Let's get out of here. NOW!" There were no questions asked. They all started running down the tunnel. Lea climbed up first, then Vanessa, and Peter climbed up last. They all started running through the forest. When the finally felt safe enough they stopped to take a breath. Peter started to panic because if Amberley isn't down there, then where is she? "Lea do me a favor and take Queen Vanessa back to the castle. I'm going to find your mom."

"No you aren't going alone."
"You have to it's too dangerous for you. I want you to be safe."
"I'm tough. I can do this. Please we just got back to being a family I can't lose both of you."
"Lea, look at me. I've done this many of times. I will get your mom and we can be happy. I promise."
"Fine. I'll take Vanessa to the castle." Peter kissed Lea on the head and ran away. Lea and Vanessa walked in the opposite direction that Peter ran. "What happened to you? I thought you were dead?"
"I was at my home with Jacob. He was at school, so I was out riding my horse. Out of nowhere someone grabbed me while I was putting my horse up. The next thing I know, I'm in this underground bunker."
"That's terrible. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that."
"It's not your fault. I'm just glad I'm out of there and away from..."
"From who? What happened to you down there?"
"I don't want to talk about it."
"You have to tell me what those people did to you. You're safe now, you can trust me."
"They cut my leg with a knife when I first arrived, so I wouldn't run. They raped me. That's not the worst thing that happened. They killed this woman in front of me. They told me if I don't behave that soon would be me."
"Vanessa no one should every feel so powerless. You were so nice to everyone. You didn't deserve that." Vanessa was quiet. She was so scared if what she went through that it hurt her more to talk about it. The next thing Vanessa said to Lea sent chills down her spine. "It could have been worse. While I was down there this woman was talking about this plan."
"What plan?"
"She was planning on kidnapping and murdering this girl."
"What was the girls name?"

"Amber something it's all a big blur." Lea called Peter right away. "You need to hurry Vanessa told me they are planning to kill mom. Maybe we missed something at Josh's house. If there was one trap door maybe there is another. Look under anything that could have something hidden by it." Peter hearing is child scared made him motivated to get there faster. Peter ran as fast as he can through that forest. He got back to Josh's house and was praying Lea was right. Lea kept walking Vanessa hopeless because she couldn't do anything to help her with what happened. Lea took Vanessa back to the castle to show she wasn't dead. It was a super long journey to get back to the castle, but Lea was willing to risk it. Now Lea had something else to think about instead of her mother. Lea told herself to stay calm and focus on getting Vanessa back safely. Peter arrived back at Josh's and he started looked under beds, dressers, rugs. He didn't find anything, but the one thing he didn't check were the cabinets. He rushed and checked the cabinets. He checked all and there was nothing, but he had one left and he prayed she was there. Peter opened the last cabinet and there was a door on the back part. Peter sighed with relief. He crawled through the little door way and through the tunnel. When he reached the end he saw a man standing over Amberley holding a knife to her neck. "Get away from her!" Peter ran over to the guy and started wrestling with him to move the knife away. Peter got cut in the arm trying to get the knife, but he finally got the knife and stabbed the man. He ran over to his wife and united her. They hugged each other so tight they couldn't breathe. Peter and Amberley started to crawl back through the tunnel and then started running back to Johnson village. They got to a safe distance away from Josh's house where Peter called Lea. "Hey honey. I've got good news. I saved your mom." Lea started to cry of happiness. Lea was so overwhelmed she had to let her emotions go. Lea pulled herself together to say, "I love you guys and I can't wait to live with you guys." Peter and Amberley felt the same way, but they were so emotional they couldn't say anything. Finally, the last thing of this whole nightmare was to get Vanessa back to the castle. Lea and Vanessa stood outside the castle gates, but Vanessa didn't want to go in. She was scared no one would care and she would be a joke. Lea looked at Vanessa and told her, "The mom I had never told me to be a joke. To hold my head high and show everyone that I was the head of the party. Not them. Do you know who told me that?" Vanessa was teary eyed and gave Lea a big hug. "I raised you to be a courageous woman and that's who was with us on our journey. I'm so proud of you. Now go be with your real family." Lea watched Vanessa walk through the gates and then she ran home. Not the home she thought was, but her true home. With Peter and Amberley. Vanessa walked to King Jerimiah and told him that she still loves him and she was so sorry. Jerimiah came down from his throne and gave Vanessa a kiss. A few months later Vanessa and Jerimiah got remarried. They had their happily ever after, but that's not the happily ever after we are focusing on. Later that night Lea got home in Johnson village. Peter and Amberley were asleep, so Lea just went to bed. The next day everyone slept in really late, so they could recover from everything that they have been through. Lea was the first one awake out of the three. Lea made her parents breakfast, while they slept. When Lea was done making breakfast she woke up her parents with kisses. Peter and Amberley were so thankful to have an amazing daughter. They had their first real family hug that morning.

Chapter Seventeen

         It's five years later after everything happened. Lea is the top dancer in her ballet class. Amberley was pregnant with her second daughter. Peter found a job as a farmer, so they moved far away from any town that caused them trouble in the past. They never worried about anything happening to their family again. Amberley's due date was coming fast. She had the nursery ready and they even had baby clothes for her. Lea was getting ready for her last dance recital of the year. She was so excited because she had her biggest solo in her dance career. Peter was proud of his little girl and everything she has accomplished. Lea's sixteenth birthday was tomorrow and she already planned it all out. The only people she wanted there was her family. She's had a lot of birthdays, but this one is real and she's surrounded by her real family. Lea, Peter, and Amberley went to Lea's dance recital. Lea was wonderful. She danced so gracefully around the stage. Showing the talent, she had hidden for so long. Lea was so happy with how she danced. Peter and Amberley were proud of her and all of the hard work she put in to get that solo. Suddenly, Amberley's water broke. Peter rushed Amberley to the hospital where she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Peter and Amberley decided to name her, Elizabeth. They would call her Eliza for short. Lea was so excited to be a big sister. Peter was overjoyed to have another baby girl to protect. A few days later Amberley and Eliza went home. Peter, Amberley, Lea, and Eliza have their happy ending. Now let's give this story the ending it deserves. And they all lived happily ever after!

The End

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