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Strange school, strange rules. Will the 4 friends figure out what's really going on?
I’ve always wondered what it is like to be considered normal. To not have to go to a school with other kids just like you. How many of us can there be? Enough to make a school for us, I guess. We have strange rules, “be careful with what you do, say eat and drink in and outside school.” Why? I don’t know yet. Or the line formation rule. It could be the middle of class and they will scream “LINE FORMATION” and we’re all supposed to stop whatever we are doing and get in single file lines. The desks are set up just right for it. If we disobay the rules, they punish us. I don’t mean like a detention or a call home to parents or a suspension. No one really does know. They only ever did it once. I was there.
We were all a recess, the kid I can’t remember the name of for some reason, no one really remembers her. She wasn’t really popular or had anyone talking about her in any way, good or bad, there’s nothing to remember her by. I was playing four square she was playing wall ball. I know we were in the same class, so our line formation was the same. Sometimes, I wonder if she remembers me.
“Line formation!” A teacher screamed. I started running to my line. She was behind me, and pushed me out if the line.
“Brian!” My teacher yelled to me, with a slightly worried hint to it. I jumped back into line. When we went inside, it didn’t take more than five times ten minutes for the principal, the school counselor, our teacher, her parents and the vice principal to ask to talk to her about her punishment. We never saw her again. I have to assume she was kicked out of our school and expelled. But for pushing me out of a line? No way. Something seems off there. For three months after that, anyone who said anything about her, was sent to the principal’s office.
I’m forgetting one ‘minor’ detail here. So, what’s our deal? Why do we have our own school? Can’t tell you why. We aren’t allowed to talk or write about it but I’m going to anyway. In a little while, at least Wait until you meet my best friend, Wyatt. Or Courtney, the girl I like. Oh right, we are smart. That’s it. That’s what this is. We are all just smart. Smart enough to realize something shady is going on, that’s for sure. But what is it?

I made a plan. For a smart person, it’s pretty stupid. I want to convince Brian and Courtney possibly even Mark, just for look out, to break into the school in the middle of the night to find out what this school is really about. We have talked about something being wrong with this place already. Cortney wants to believe we are just over thinking and nothings really wrong, but I think she too, knows somethings not right.
We do have some kind of government technology somewhere. We weren’t told where it is, what it’s for or why we have it but because of it, there are security guards at night. How would we get past them?
I’m in math right now, calculus with other four-seventh graders. We take this depending how long we’ve been here. This is my second year here, so this is the last time I have to have this class. I’m thirteen, so is mark. Courtney and Brian are sill 12. This school is for grades one-twelve. After that, we all get scholar ships to the four collage choices. If we choose to take it, we don’t get to choose which one of them. We don’t get to choose our major. Why not? We aren’t supposed to question any of it but, we do. We can’t be the only four people in this school who find this... off.
I mean, just to recap, we are in a large school with strange rules, weird formations, not a lot of collage options, the school has weird technology, security guards, and we’re here because we’re smart? Nope. There is something more. We’ll figure this out. Just watch, we will.

Brian and I are in science. Wyatt texted our group chat and told us about his plan. We are about to do a partner project. My plan is to grab Brian so we can talk about this. Is Mark here? Thankfully, all four of us have second fourth period together, so I'll find out in about an hour.
Our project is on computer science. We need to find out how to make a microchip do something specific which we’ll get that something later, on a piece of paper, they are all different things. It sounds fun.
I don’t realize I’ve spaced off until Brian is at my desk messing with the watch he wears from his grandpa. It’s special to him, his grandpa is alive, but sick. He doesn’t mention that to a lot of people. Sometimes I wonder if he likes me but then I push the thought out of my head and remember I need to focus on getting through this school as well as what’s going on in this school.
“Hey, Courtney... I was wondering if you want to...” He freezes for a minute, like he’s lost words he never does, none of us do, this is strange, it’s never happened.
“be my partner for the project?” He finishes. I smile and say yes. I think he froze because the teacher walked past.
“What were you saying before?” I ask, as we set up to start on our project.
“What?” He replies.
“You hesitated before asking me to be your partner,” I drop into a low whisper. “were you going to say something about the paln?” I finish.
“Oh, yeah. I was wondering if you want to do it or not? I mean, it sounds insane, we could get in a lot of trouble for it but-” My heart dropped when I heard a familiar voice behind us. I could tell Brian’s did too.
“Get in a lot of trouble for what?” Mrs. Weddburn.

I think my favorite class just turned into my most feared class. My heart dropped and I know Courney’s did too because she grew just as stiff as I did and we both froze. All we can do is think. Fast. Maybe we could find an excuse somehow. Take what I know about analyzing and signs of deception. Analyze our excuse options, steer away from signs of deception. Her words echo in my head before turning around.
“Get int a lot of trouble for what?”
Option sentences:
• “Oh nothing” Make us look suspicious
• “Umm...” Make both of us and Wyatt screwed completely
• “Breaking into the school, she’s insane!” Throw her under the bus
• “Something we were planning on doing at home...” Get our parents called
• “End of the year prank, we wanted to do something fun, but we don’t want to get in trouble...”
I decide to go with this one. Not only is it the best option but Mrs. Weddburn a pretty cool teacher, honestly, she might help us with this ‘prank’ that we were ‘planning’. That’s one of the reasons this is my favorite class.

Hello, this story is a working progress. It is also my first, so it may not be that good. I hope you liked it, I'll update it soon!
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