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In which I describe a wondrous underwater plant native to the dreamworld!
Found underwater growing from rock outcroppings, this violet-colored plant is used primarily for decoration, but has mythological ties too. It is said that the Entity of love, Soridiant, has the image of deja coral stalks reflected in her pupils. What form these coral sprigs take is unknown, but many surmise that they resemble hearts, or perhaps look like the face of whomever it is you are destined to fall in love with.

In its early days, deja coral imprints on whatever happens to drift near it, growing to twist into those shapes. One spectacular branch I have seen recently on display in an Oceanopolitan mansion bore the fantastic imprints of a starfish, a bit of kelp, a sea anemone, and a great whale. After about a week, the coral hardens and no longer adds to its form. If harvested, the coral becomes as hard as stone and turns a pale lavender color.

Growth Rate & Stages
This coral spreads by releasing black seeds into the water currents. Many of these seeds do not survive, as they are gobbled up by fish, but those that find anchor in rock or atop another species of coral are hardy and very difficult to destroy. As soon as a seed touches down, it sprouts tiny barbs to hold it fast--these barbs become the roots of the coral.

Ecology and Habitats
Found only underwater, this species of coral thrives best near the city of Atlantis.

Dietary Needs and Habits
Deja coral works as a filter, eating tiny pollutants and small organisms from the water around it. As it has no feelers of its own with which to pull its food in, it requires a current of water to comb food through its porous surface. Therefore, deja coral can thrive in running fresh water, though it will never grow to the impressive breadth of its cousin on the seafloor.
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